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Villages are camps within EMF run by attendees. They're organised around a theme, often a location or a topic (e.g. lock-picking). Many villages organise their own workshops or talks for other volunteers to attend. And of course, share all the fun together!

By organising villages ahead of time we, can help provide better equipment (e.g. large tents to use), as well as allocating a location. You can bring a large tent to use as a gathering place, somewhere to run workshops, or somewhere to house your giant robot. We can provide power and a wired internet connection to your village.

If you have any questions about villages drop an email to, or drop into our IRC channel.

Register a Village

To register your village, enter a short name for it below. You must be logged in to the wiki to register a village.

{{#forminput:form=Village|query string=namespace=Village|button text=Create Village}} If you have any issues creating your village, get in touch with us at We're happy to help out.

Village Map

To add your village to the map, head to your village's page, and use the 'Edit with Form' option, or add a Location: tag with coordinates gleamed from the bottom right of the map below (and the other way around, natch).

A full map can be found here.

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List of Villages

Village:26002600Village targeted at the global 2600 member base.
Village:404404campers not found
Village:AlgoDorkAlgoDorkAlgorave + Dorkbot collaboration. The actual algo-dork marquee will be set up further south so we won't be too noisy!
Village:Amateur RadioAmateur RadioHam radio at its finest.
Village:BigHak support crewBigHak support crewHitchin Hackspace members, who are BigHak wranglers for the weekend.
Village:Bristol HackspaceBristol HackspaceBristol Hackspace and friends.
Village:Build BrightonBuild BrightonMaker space for anything that you can think off
Village:BurnersBurnersA village for Burners (as in Burning Man, Nowhere, Nest, AfrikaBurn) and those who are burn-curious.
Village:Cambridge MakespaceCambridge MakespaceCambridge Makespace's Village
Village:Camp ChaosCamp ChaosThis camp is inhabited by the Chaosbunny and friends. Be awesome.
Village:Camp HollandCamp HollandYour favourite Dutch people bringing some stroopwafels and air horns you'll hear across the channel.
Village:Camp UKNOFCamp UKNOFA place for UKNOF fans and friends who are (who'd a thought it?) not part of the EMF NOC team and would like somewhere to call 'home'
Village:Cardiff HackspaceCardiff HackspaceCardiff Hackspace will be here
Village:CCCCCCChaos Computer Club and friends
Village:Cheltenham HackspaceCheltenham HackspaceThe hackspace in Cheltenham.
Village:CodebarCodebarVillage for code bar mentors and attendees UK wide
Village:CRTCCRTCThe CRTC demo group
Village:Digital PlottersDigital PlottersPeople plotting for a better country / government / world
Village:Edinburgh HacklabEdinburgh HacklabEdinburgh Hacklab and friends.
Village:Enter-tent-mentEnter-tent-mentA village with a selection of tent-based entertainment. Karaoke tent guaranteed. Cohabited by the HHEU community.
Village:Fablab CampFablab CampThere be lasercutting & stuff...
Village:Gold Members LoungeGold Members LoungeExclusive village for Gold Members only
Village:HABvilleHABvilleWe launch balloons, rockets, buoys, and stuff!
Village:HackbasesHackbasesLive-in Hacker Spaces
Village:Haxors of the rosesHaxors of the rosesA village for all those northerners that are represented by a rose.
Village:Hx3Hx3lounge organisers and renegades
Village:Irish EmbassyIrish EmbassyA place for Irish Hackers and friends of Ireland to call home during EMF Camp
Village:LockpickingLockpickingLockpicking Village
Village:London AerospaceLondon AerospaceLondon Aerospace is London's largest drone building and racing community. Meetings regularly at London Hackspace, and flying in locations around London and the surrounding area.
Village:Maidstone HackspaceMaidstone HackspaceVillage for members and friends of maidstone hackspace
Village:Make. Invent. DoMake. Invent. DoMicrosoft village. Fun technology activities for all levels. Featuring Microbit, virtual assistant building, IoT device cloud connectivity and micro-sumo robots.
Village:Millers HollowMillers HollowMiller's Hollow is a village plagued by Werewolves.
Village:MilliwaysMilliwaysThe restaurant at the end of the universe
Village:MK MakerspaceMK MakerspaceMilton Keynes Makerspace
Village:MooseMooseBunch of geeks sharing a story about moose (or possibly meese)
Village:Musical BallpitMusical BallpitNot actually a village, but a musical ballpit!
Village:NADHackNADHackA village for members and friends of the Newbury and District Hackspace.
Village:NEVER TOO MUCH BUNTINGNEVER TOO MUCH BUNTINGCamp for members of Monochrome BBS, along with friends and guests.
Village:NexmoNexmoFriends of Nexmo, we'll be hacking around on the badges from our small marquee so come by to chat with us about all things messaging and grab a drink. Look for the Blue Nexmo flags
Village:NottinghackNottinghackAll the awesome - right here
Village:Open Data VillageOpen Data VillageODI-affiliated people, mostly
Village:Oxford HackspaceOxford HackspaceInhabitants, friends, octopuses and moomins of Oxford Hackspace
Village:Reading Minecraft VillageReading Minecraft VillageA bunch of friends from Reading Berks, Reserving a joint spot on the lawn at Guildford.
Village:RLab (Reading Hackspace)RLab (Reading Hackspace)Friends, members and frequenters of Reading Hackspace.
Village:SawuGo, the One Ring workshopSawuGo, the One Ring workshopSawuGoThe one Ring, goldsmithing a silver or a golden ring, with a nice shiney look, making jewellery goldsmithing/forging a silver or golden ring from a piece of (silver or gold)metal, with a nice hammered and faceted look, using ancient goldsmithing techniques enjoy some time in the fully equiped mobile goldsmith workshop
Village:Scottish ConsulateScottish ConsulateSweary, Scottish kilt wearing enthusiasts, buckfast drinkers and deep fried food afficionados.
Village:SHHandMSHHandMSheffield Hackspace
Village:SHMSHMSurrey and Hampshire Makerspace - camping out in our own back garden.
Village:Smart Earth NetworkSmart Earth NetworkSmart Earth Network A social enterprise looking for tech talent to help save the natural world.
Village:South London MakerspaceSouth London MakerspaceThis village is for Members of South London Makerspace.
... further results

(This list is automatically updated from villages registered on this wiki. It takes a little while to update.)