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Description A place to discuss infosec related activities... may include a dedicated talks track
Contact User:timb
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Threat-centric is a space for infosec related activities. It is hosted by the Portcullis Labs crowd who've attended both of the last 2 UK camps and who can regularly be found elsewhere on the infosec circuit.

Technical, activist and infosec professional presentations & workshops will be accepted. Presentations ideally need to be 45 minutes long with 5 minutes for Q&A. Workshops can be either 60 or 120 minutes in length including setup/breakdown time.

In particular, we are looking for presentations & workshops in the following (but not exclusive) areas:

  • Offensive techniques and defensive controls
  • Bugs and reverse engineering
  • Embedded/hardware hacking
  • "Deprecated" technologies
  • Humans

We will also be hosting a hacker jeopardy style CTF and associated treasure hunt and giving away torches and USB wristbands. Come visit us.


  • Introduction to CTF - Talk - Saturday 10:30-11:00
  • Virtualisation vs containers: Security models, pros and cons - Talk - 11:00-noon
  • Hacking for 7 year olds: Playing with Scratch - Talk - noon
  • Breaking code signing on Windows - Talk - TBC
  • Software security for hardware peeps - User:timb - Workshop - Saturday 17:00-20:00 - Bring VMware (Workstation trial or Player should both work)
  • Introduction to mobile application security - 20:00-21:00
  • Disco Disco - Party - Saturday 22:00-00:00
  • Bring and break - @portcullislabs - Sunday 13:00-19:00 - Bring hardware and learn how to break it