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Conduct and Access
Planning conflict resolution and making sure people will feel safe in advance (formerly known as Team:Comfort)

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We are the dedicated support team for accessibility, Code of Conduct matters, safe spaces, and conflict resolution.

You can also contact us by emailing

Formerly Team:Comfort.

Safer spaces

EMF is taking everyone's comfort and well-being seriously. We already know from our last event that our community is kind, curious, and considerate. However with every large social group there may be misunderstandings and disagreements, and we want to ensure that everyone can find the support they need to feel safe. This year we have a clear Code of Conduct (which we may refine as we learn more), and our team members are experienced and level-headed individuals who are always open for a chat.

We recognise that power imbalances exist in society - where possible, we support punching up rather than down.

Since this is the first time we have a Comfort team we're starting things slowly and not become too ambitious too quickly. We will have a physical space to deal with any issues that arrive in a safe and private manner–details of this are being confirmed.

As part of our activities we also want to be in close contact with a number of key teams who address related concerns -- First Aid, Infodesk, and others. Do approach us for a chat!

Escalation procedure

Our escalation procedure is drawn from this document:

The responses to reports will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but threats to physical well-being will result in calling in security and/or police and will be grounds for expulsion from the camp.

In short, when an incident is reported, we aim to:

  • respond quickly
  • focus on the behaviour not the person when talking to all parties
  • take a written report - either by asking the person reporting to write down what has happened or by transcribing their verbal report. This should include specific information about the person doing the harassing including who they are, what they did, when it happened, where it happened, surrounding circumstances and other people involved.
  • ask the person it happened to if it is okay if Team Comfort and the core orga team discuss the incident further.
  • if appropriate, have a meeting consisting of Team Comfort/core orga team to decide on an appropriate response to the incident
  • feedback to all people involved swiftly. This will include the following: a) what happened? b) what are we doing about it? c) who is doing this and when?
  • keep records of incidents, so as to be aware of repeat offenders (if an individual repeatedly breaches the Code of Conduct or refuses to accept being called on their behaviour penalties will escalate).
  • make a public response via twitter showing we do not condone harassing behaviours
  • Team Comfort are here to help. Please contact us if you feel upset or want to feedback regarding any incident or response to it.
  • post-event: discuss what worked and how our CoC/response to incidents can be improved.

It is likely that the Duty Officer will handle night-time incidents. Duty Officers are all from the core orga team.