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Description The CRTC demo group
Contact User:df
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Activities Democoding, electronics, eating food and drinking beer
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Hello campers!

I felt like we were totally disorganised about EMF camp so made this wiki-thing to help in some way - Chris (df).

So.. important things first!


d0pefish has created a plain-text EMF camp schedule for easier reading on phones/printing etc:

It regenerates every 5 minutes.


(t)iff has created a doodle here.


df: I suspect I'll be stopping at a supermarket on the way down to stock up on beer supplies for the weekend. Does anyone have any better ideas?


Pup/megmeg and df will be sleeping in vans parked up in a muddy field. I believe everyone else will be sleeping in tents, it may be worth picking a spot on the map for us to congregate and perhaps creating a 'village'.

df: I am hoping I can borrow a gazebo to give us a bit of shelter if we need it, it would be great if anyone else could also bring along whatever is available to add to the space!

doz will be bringing a tent, but it's only really big enough for me. Would like to camp near others this year, last time df and I were nowhere near anyone else.

d0pefish: I will be bringing a 4-man tent with a little living space that can serve as a sheltered drinking/hacking area :) Would really prefer to pitch it near other CRTCers.


df: I'll probably take my fridge again, for storage of beer and bacon. Probably a soldering iron and various tools, laptop, sound card, ham radio, camera gear.

doz: laptop, drone.

d0pefish: laptop, soldering gear, Nintendo 3DS, Raspberry Pis, BBC micro:bit, Arduinos etc, desktop speakers.


Plenty of interesting seminars for all to attend, write here about any other projects you may be working on over the weekend.

df: I'd like to spend some time getting the new badge to do something interesting, I have some ideas but haven't thought too much about them yet. I have also just discovered that there will be a sort of "Robot Wars" on the Saturday for crappy robots, perhaps I could build something for that.. There is also another EMF Film being planned, but that proved to be a massive time sink last time so I probably won't volunteer again (PS: the previous film 'Tentman' will be premiering during the weekend).

doz: I might be doing some wifi packet coding, but it's probably not the best place to be doing experimental things like that!

d0pefish: Playing with the badge, most likely - otherwise working on some Nintendo 3DS demo-ish stuff.


There were periods during last EMF where I was walking around wondering where people were; we could run phone trackers this year so we can see each other on the map - would any be interested in this? I have successfully used the buddy tracker in Viewranger for this in the past (it can be configured so that it doesn't draw too much power) - df.

Last time, the badges were supposed to act as communicators, but that didn't work too well. I suspect live editing a wiki page might turn out easiest. Or just sharing phone numbers and texting if we're bored and alone. - doz