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Organising the Lounge area

This team needs volunteers

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This year we'll be aiming to bring a bigger, better (but proportionally same-sized) version of the EMF 2014 Lounge


The Team Lead is Amran amx109, and the Deputy Team Lead is Will-Do.

Anyone is welcome to join the team to help with planning and decorating.


This years theme will be all things spaaaaaaaace


  • We have a big-top style blackout tent which is 20x13m
  • carpeted, beanbags and tables a la 2014
  • two small 'hack' areas with tables and chairs
  • a tea vendor serving tea at most hours of the day
  • projecting ISS livestream on the roof inside

Other suggestions:

  • Projecting a livestream of the ISS on the ceiling of the tent
  • Glow-in-the-dark thingies
  • Scifi/space-bar as lounge-bar, or at least make the entrance of the lounge like on of the famous scifi-bars.


Heres a terribly scaled image of the proposed layout. Click it and view at full size to see detail EMF 2016 Lounge Layout

Team members

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