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All things drinkable

This team needs volunteers

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Team:Bar is responsible for the volunteer-run bar.

Current State

Trying to get suppliers to answer emails!

Last EMF the bar ran out early. This time we have over-ordered, with sale-or-return agreements in place with as many suppliers as possible.

Confirmed booze



There will be 12 different "real" ciders, and Stowford Press on tap.

Soft Drinks

  • Club Mate
  • Square Root should be making sodas on site

Unconfirmed booze

Waiting to hear back from:

  • Fourpure
  • Hogs Back
  • Our preferred supplier of wine, spirits and soft drinks

Drink requests

If there's a drink you would particularly like to see at EMFcamp 2016, please add it to the list below. Helpful details include:

  • Name of drink (or class of drinks)
  • Name of UK manufacturer / distributor
  • Contact details
  • Whether they have agreed in principle to sale-or-return

Requests list:

  • Tschunk
  • Diet Cola of some kind - Pepsi Max ideally
  • Neutral(ish)-tasting spirits (e.g. Vodka, Bacardi) for mixing
  • Amaretto
  • Cider on draught, eg- Stowford press (Westons), Black Dragon (Gwynt Y Ddraig), Reveller (Orchard Pig)
  • Local Hog's Back barrel(s) - e.g. TEA.


We need a lot of help during the event. Volunteers must be over 18 and must be prepared to attend a training briefing before their first volunteer shift.

We will write a guide for volunteers and link to it from this page.

Team members

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Infrastructure requirements

Network: we need a fixed IP address for the main till, and DHCP server entries for the other diskless tills

We have a portable kitchen sink; we need mains water (15mm pipe), 16A power, and somewhere to put the waste water.

We have been offered a large-screen TV to display the bar menu (which changes regularly, as beers run out and are replaced); this will be connected to a Raspberry running the display board code.

If we can get hold of a reasonable population (8–10) of old Android phones / small tablets we could use them on the handpumps and beer taps instead of cardboard pump clips. They could run an app that fetches information about what's currently on sale from the point of sale software and display's the appropriate logo and price. This app hasn't been written yet... maybe next time!