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These are the teams which make up the EMF organisation. For more information on how EMF is run, and the duties of team leaders, see the Organisation page.

If you're interested in getting involved with a team which doesn't currently have a lead, please get in touch on IRC. If you're interested in joining a team, get in touch with the team lead.

Team Description Lead Deputy Lead(s)
Team:Admin Top-level organisation, licensing, finance, site planning User:Russ, WillH, User:Jonty
Team:Power All things power, as well as basic site lighting. User:Benny Will H, Matt (LWK)
Team:Sanitation Water supply, showers, toilets, rubbish. Russ: Water/Showers/Toilets Crypt: Rubbish
Team:Stewarding Making sure the site is safe. Crypt
Team:NOC Networking and systems admin User:JasperWallace Will H, User:davidc
Team:Web Web sites, ticket sales, volunteering, and CfP systems Mark Sam
Team:Content Organising talks/workshops/etc User:Jonty Sam / Dominic
Team:Bar Booze, and such User:Sde User:Russ
Team:First Aid Making sure we don't kill ourselves, as well as looking after attendee welfare. Oni Katie
Team:Catering Organising food providers Nick
Team:InfoDesk Providing information before and during the event
Team:Volunteering Managing volunteers across all stages Lyndsey Sam
Team:Kids Kids area, activities, and childminding Kate
Team:Stage Staging, stage lighting, audio, and projection. User:TimRTerrible
Team:Video Liaising with the video streaming and recording people. mattg
Team:Badge Badge building, and infrastructure. Matt (LWK) MattBr / Bob
Team:Villages Looking after villages and their requirements Crypt
Team:Sponsorship Looking after sponsors/vendors and their requirements. User:Jonty
Team:Lounge Organising the Lounge area amx109 User:Will-Do
Team:Conduct and Access Planning conflict resolution and making sure people will feel safe in advance (formerly known as Team:Comfort) Michelle D'israeli
Team:Logistics Organising the non-site logistics (e.g. getting stuff like the badges from London to the site) User:JMac