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Village targeted at the global 2600 member base.  +
campers not found  +
Algorave + Dorkbot collaboration. The actual algo-dork marquee will be set up further south so we won't be too noisy!  +
Ham radio at its finest.  +
Hitchin Hackspace members, who are BigHak wranglers for the weekend.  +
Bristol Hackspace and friends.  +
Maker space for anything that you can think off  +
A village for Burners (as in Burning Man, Nowhere, Nest, AfrikaBurn) and those who are burn-curious.  +
Cambridge Makespace's Village  +
This camp is inhabited by the Chaosbunny and friends. Be awesome.  +
Your favourite Dutch people bringing some stroopwafels and air horns you'll hear across the channel.  +
A place for UKNOF fans and friends who are (who'd a thought it?) not part of the EMF NOC team and would like somewhere to call 'home'  +
Cardiff Hackspace will be here  +
Chaos Computer Club and friends  +
The hackspace in Cheltenham.  +
Village for code bar mentors and attendees UK wide  +
The CRTC demo group  +
People plotting for a better country / government / world  +
Edinburgh Hacklab and friends.  +
A village with a selection of tent-based entertainment. Karaoke tent guaranteed. Cohabited by the HHEU community.  +