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All lost property that was collected at the HQ is listed below. If you're missing something important, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do to get it to you.

Please also let us know if you're happy for us to dispose of something or pass it on, as we'd like to minimise waste as far as possible.


Plastic bag 1

  • Black cooking apron (Ameripride)
  • Aztec pattern shawl
  • Single black glove (Thinsulate)
  • Brushed metal camping mug
  • Sun lotion
  • 3 * anti-bacterial gel

Plastic bag 2

  • Bright pink handtowel
  • Boxers
  • Pair of socks
  • Water bottle

Plastic bag 3

  • Dark blue towel (Gymbox)
  • Black washbag
  • Blue t-shirt
  • Boxers
  • Pair of socks

Plastic bag 4

  • Pink box of Turkish Delights (M&S). I've thrown these out, sorry.
  • Compact umbrella with feather pattern
  • Single fingerless glove (GEL)
  • Football pump needle?
  • UK-various mini travel adapter
  • Coleman 40-529 watch
  • Pair of keys on a mini carabiner
  • Blue Jays baseball cap (American Needle)

SteelCon bag

  • Cream Steelcon bag with book “The Doors of Perception”

Loose clothing

  • Grey NY baseball cap (No Fear)
  • Black Party ARGG baseball cap (Beechfield)
  • Maroon baseball cap (GR)
  • White cap (Fredrikson)
  • Drab green fishing hat (TH Cap's)
  • Sandy fishing hat
  • Dark blue kids? fishing hat
  • Skull & crossbones hat (Pat's Theatre Hats)
  • Red floral head band/laptop protector?
  • Denim shirt (Papaya)
  • Square purple/black shawl
  • Large grey & white boxers (TU)
  • Grey polyester hoodie (FSBN)
  • Black jacket (Michael Kors)
  • Dark grey fleece (Diadora)
  • Boots – black size 11 padded with velcro fastening
  • B-Sides Hannover t-shirt
  • Sandals – brown size 44 with velcro fastening
  • Navy Hoodie (Jack & Jones)


  • Green semi-transparent VMWare water bottle (Camelbak)
  • Brushed metal water bottle (Karrimor)
  • Blue water bottle with beehive sticker (SIGG)
  • Blue semi-transparent water bottle
  • Black water bottle (Primus)
  • Transparent water bottle with name on base (bobble)
  • Bungee elastic loop and metal hook
  • Screw water bottle lid

Misc accessories

  • Black & clear polkadot hair grip
  • Pink Hello Kitty bow
  • Soft mobile phone bag with Dragon Alliance label
  • Bamboo folding fan with blue leaves
  • Hanging heart and mermaids hair pin


  • Grey plastic shades
  • Grey shades with brass handles (Ray Ban)
  • Bronze shades with no handles
  • Maroon 48018 glasses
  • Black glasses (OSIRIS)
  • Dark blue plastic shades


  • iPhone lightning cable
  • 85W MagSafe charger + MagSafe 2 converter
  • Swiss-IEC C5 (3-pin infinity) cable
  • 19V 1.75A UK transformer, labelled "silk mill / Makers Fayre / Sam W"
  • Micro SD card with boot image on
  • Rayman Gameboy Color cartridge
  • Pink in-ear headphones
  • USB-Pebble cable
  • Canon LP-E8 battery
  • Baofeng UHF/VHF antenna
  • Metal LED torch (ISY)
  • GOMA LED torch (Spanninga)


  • BT Adastral mug
  • Notebook, with 5 pages used, including "Screens for Trochee" and "Story of $50SAT". I can scan these if you like.
  • Pink/yellow Lego felt-tip pen
  • Rectangular plastic plate with two rows of regularly-spaced magnets in
  • Saab? SAA 1P1 car key (JMA)
  • Folding allen key/screwdriver set (Acor)
  • Unbranded Stainless-Steel disc lock
  • Nikon LC-62 lens cap
  • Unbranded 49mm lens cap with strap
  • Green & white umbrella
  • Very tired man. Responds to the name 'Jonty'.
  • High Quality Fork, probably owned by a German. Contact tenyen tenyen.net