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EMF will be back in 2014 after a one-day event in 2013

Thirsty for more? Check out Maker Faire in April or OHM 2013 in July/August.


Electromagnetic Field is a three-day camping festival for people with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, geeks, scientists, engineers, artists, and craftspeople.

There will be people talking about everything from genetic modification to electronics, blacksmithing to high-energy physics, reverse engineering to lockpicking, crocheting to carpentry, and quadcopters to beer brewing. If you want to talk, there'll be space for you to do so, and plenty of people who will want to listen.

Tell me more! Aside from the organised talks and workshops, attendees are forming villages and planning events of their own, day and night. Wander between tents and you might come across someone teaching safecracking, or accidentally stumble into a late-night jam session using instruments constructed from circuit boards and glowing wire. If you decide to come with friends, maybe you should host something of your own!

The camp will be littered with interesting things to play with and explore; extraordinary vehicles and glowing objects can be found in every corner. No matter what your skill level is, there will always be something to do and someone to talk to at the bar.

As well as the usual camp facilities like hot showers and running water, we're also providing power to every tent, and very fast internet access, both wired and wireless.

EMF is a volunteer effort by a non-profit group, inspired by European and US hacker camps like CCC, HAR, and toorcamp.

CAMP IS OVER! Quick links to useful things for those on site


Milton Keynes area, EMF2012 site circled
Pineham Park

Stay Informed

Videos of the Talks

Alpha stage talks are online: https://wiki-archive.emfcamp.org/2012/wiki/EMF2012_Video

Beta stage talks will be uploaded in due course (there's much more work to be done).

Big thanks to gmc for transcoding, editing, hosting and everything else involved in making these available.

Get Involved (before the event)

  • Buy tickets!.
  • Submit a proposal for a talk, workshop or performance.
  • Leave Feedback about the event.
  • Get together with others and start a village.
  • Want to participate in shaping the camp? Join the mailing list, introduce yourself on IRC, participate in our weekly planning meetings. For details see the Contact page, and have a look at our Teams.
  • During the camp we will heavily rely on volunteers, and there will be plenty of opportunities to help out. Details will be published soon.
  • Interested in sponsoring us? Have a look at our Sponsorship notes, and email us at sponsor@emfcamp.org.

Get Involved (after the event)




Community Projects

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