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Our approach to growing our volunteer organisation is to organise in teams, describe the expectations and interactions between them clearly, but within their remits give them a great deal of freedom in decision-making.

We make a clear distinction between established/active teams, teams we're building up, and teams we want to build. This reflects our expectations of the respective teams.

We have regular Planning Meetings, and use the Lighthouse task tracker for Task Management.



These are firmly committed teams. Each team should have:

  • A description of their remit
  • Key contacts (at minimum: primary and secondary coordinators)
  • A wiki page with key documentation, planning details, link to Lighthouse project
Role Primary Contact Secondary Contact Remit
Administration Russ Nick Coordinate with MKPT, council, other local orgs. Legal, contracts, safety sign-offs, etc. Camp map: site layout, cable routing, fenced areas, etc.
Treasury Russ Nick Budget, accounts, tax returns. Before event: handling ticket sales. During event: dealing with cash bar.
Power Beeny Russ Generators+fuel and dist.
Sanitation Crypt  ? Toilets, rubbish, water, showers. Provision of taps and grey water drain. Volunteer coordination.
Internet Jasper Natm Internet connectivity and local network.
Web Infrastructure Mark Crypt Servers, ticketing site, potentially on-camp services.
Venues Solexious  ? Marquees, furniture (chairs, tables), A/V, lighting.
Vendors Clare Solexious Food, stalls, commerce. Marquee/tent hire liaison for partners (together with "Venues" team.)
Transport (open) Mark Shuttle buses, drivers, contacts to cab companies, etc. Local parking spaces, parking tickets; coordinating with remote parking spaces. Traffic managements. lighthouse
Volunteers Oni SamLR Security staff, gate, with radios and rota. Rally volunteers for other teams: screen them, find teams in need, etc. (Cf. chaos angels.)
Badge Solexious Tom Wyatt To design and build the camp badge.
Communications Jonty martind Public communications: interviews, web presence, marketing.
Sponsors Alex A. martind (May later also include funding.)
Streaming naxxfish gmc Coordinating the live and on-demand video streaming of the event, as well as the camp radio station
Other? ... ... ...

Under Discussion

These are either teams we're currently setting up, or where we have temporary groups in place because stuff needs to get done. Please get in touch if you want to help out.

Role Primary Contact Secondary Contact Notes
Site setup (? need a better name.) Crypt? Fencing. Camp setup and teardown. Preparing the area. Ensuring MKPT stays happy.
Community Jonty? martind? Villages, installations. (Needs a budget.)
Events Jonty? martind? Talks, workshops, performances.
Bar Russ Clare Drinks, furniture, staffing, volunteers.
Infodesk SamLR? Central information hub for attendees. (May need a separate/smaller one for staff?)
Security oni?  ?
Other? ... ... ...


Paul made a good mindmap of suggested teams which can be a useful reference when pondering our org structure. We don't necessarily want to imitate it, but it can provide some ideas.

Please get in touch if you want to start one of these teams.

Role Primary Contact Secondary Contact Notes
Logistics Task tracking, dependencies, coordination, schedule
Design Web, print, promotional materials. A contact list of good & available designers.
Merchandising Stavros? T-shirts, stickers, posters, etc. (Maybe fold into Design team?)
Streaming Video/audio recording: live streaming, public archive.
First Aid
Plant management Vehicles, machinery
Plenum (?) Hosts the committee: meetings of the representatives of each team. Chair, secretary (for minutes.) Determines meeting structure and process.
Gates Checking tickets at the entrance. (May overlap somewhat with security; or at least work closely with them.)
"Compliance" (definitely needs a more friendly name) Liaise with teams and camp attendees to ensure MKPT/council/licensing requests are adhered to. E.g. monitoring of noise levels. (Cf. the noise team at Greenbelt.)
Other? ... ... ...

Open Positions

Get in touch with the respective team contacts or martind if you're interested in helping shape the camp!

The following teams would like to grow their staff:

  • Sanitation (talking to suppliers, infrastructure planning)
  • Transport (talking to MK city/council, organising parking spaces, planning)
  • Volunteers (ECRB-checked staff, volunteer coordinators)
  • Venues (talking to suppliers, venue planning)
  • Power (someone to coordinate site lighting: foot paths, central meeting spots, etc
  • Web (frontend dev, Python backend)
  • Communications (community outreach in UK and EU/WW)
  • Events (coordinating talks, workshops, performances, and other activities.)
  • Streaming/AV (operating AV kit, monitoring live streams, running the radio station

And we're considering setting up dedicated teams for:

  • Merchandising (Stavros offers to coordinate)
  • Design (we have a few existing collaborators, may be time to start a team)
  • Logistics (task tracking, dependencies, coordination, schedule)
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