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You can give a talk or workshop about anything you like at EMF, try and keep it related to the theme of the event though.


Current list of talks/workshops

You can find the current list of talks and workshops on our main website.

See the Discussion tab on this page for any late breaking information regarding the talks/workshops.


If you need specific equipment, let us know. We hope to have enough desk space and chairs for everyone, but details are yet to be determined. If you prefer to hold open-ended workshops then we encourage you to start or join a village.

We will attempt to stream the talks and performances and publish the recordings after the event, if you're not comfortable with this, please inform us in advance.

Budget and Travel expenses

The EMF camp is a non-profit event produced entirely by volunteers, and speakers are not paid. Unfortunately we can not subsidise your entry ticket, and we do not have a travel budget for contributors either; due to the nature of the event we expect that everyone pays. We may be able to make a few very rare exceptions, but don’t count on it.

Dates and Deadlines

We’re keeping submissions open right up to the event, and nearly every talk will be accepted.


If you’d like to give a talk or workshop on anything at all, drop us an email on

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