Contingency Plans

From Electromagnetic Field

Some of the Contingency Plans we might need to think about in advance (none of which will - hopefully - happen)



  • Rain
    • unceasing rain making the use of electrics dangerous / questionable in safety terms
      • Mitigation: Everything will be covered over anyway, but ensure it is raised at connection points, even if just on a milk crate or pallet. Ensure power cables aren't run in ditches
  • Flooding
    • Site getting too boggy to properly erect marquees, bring vehicles on for set-up, car park quagmire (especially at entry/exit), etc.
      • Mitigation: 4x4 or two with winches/tow ropes, tractor
  • Heat
    • Risk of heat stroke
      • Mitigation: Warning signs and visitor education
    • Overheating electronics -> Fire
      • Mitigation: RCD points, fused spurs (preferably circuit breakers)
    • Fire
      • Mitigation: Fire breaks, fire points and fire patrols
  • Storm
    • Lots of metal things in a relatively flat field + lightning = :( (depends on surrounding trees/buildings etc)
      • Mitigation: Practically impossible! Ensure any masts are properly installed and don't become lightning rods. Beyond that?


  • Mainline rail services to MK cancelled due to works or accident - options for redirecting people to use the Midland Mainline or Thameslink to Bedford, then the local Bletchley line to Bow Brickhill (nearest Marston Vale line station to site, note: service is hourly, not open on Sundays) - I wouldn't bother with the hassle of mass communication etc as NR would lay on buses if it's broken. Otherwise just sit out the delay.
  • Alternative options for transporting people between station and site
  • M1 interaction
    • Crash off M1 into site
    • Actions on site causing problems on M1


Mostly solved with security/stewards?

  • Thefts
  • Antisocial/reckless behaviour
  • Uninvited guests


  • Water
    • Runs out - won't with a mains connection
    • Becomes contaminated - far less risk with standpipe from mains
  • Electricity
    • Fails
    • Causes damage to other equipment
  • Internet
    • Backhaul fails
    • Local connections fail (e.g. AP dies in one area)
  • Marquee
    • Collapses
    • AV fails (just have spares on hand?)
  • Bar
    • Beer runs out


  • Cashflow - at what point are all sales final / no refunds given? What if we suffer an 'act of god' requiring us to cancel?
  • Enforced site evacuation (from police or anyone)
  • Serious illness of person(s) on site
add more 'sky falling' thoughts here


How many of these can be covered by insurance?

Everything can be covered by insurance, it is just a question of the premium we'd be charged. Basically it goes
"what is cost if this happens" x "probability" x "profit required" = "premium"

According to AFO we could get insurance for around £500 (bearing in mind to get those rates you need to pay £70 to join AFO).

Cancellation insurance costs from 1%-3.5% - presumably of total ticket prices. This is going to be about £1500 for us.

£2000 should probably cover us? Someone should check this and get legal advice but that's the price in the budget for now...

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