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See also: FAQ: Why Milton Keynes?

  • A few early notes can be found at Planning/Minutes/2012-03-20
  • Site managed by the Milton Keynes Parks Trust
  • Milton Keynes Parks Trust asks us to ensure that there are no lasting effects on the park, and our license requires us to "make good to the Parks Trust's satisfaction any damage".
    • We will be putting cables underground, as have other users of the site before us.
    • But we need to be careful to be minimally invasive. E.g. we can't dig full-on trenches with a machine.

Site Plan

Source: https://github.com/emfcamp/site-plan



  • The site has a single access road which goes under a concrete bridge labelled 9'9".
  • The access route must remain clear for emergency traffic at all times; vehicles will not be permitted to park on the route.
  • There will be traffic management staff at both ends of the access route and they will give clearance to enter and exit the camp's site. A ticket system will be used for traffic management
  • Attendees retain the responsibility at all times for ensuring their vehicle will pass cleanly under this bridge - the organisers may refuse road access to any vehicle which they believe might not pass cleanly under the bridge but may not be able to check every vehicle.
  • Should there be a bridge strike it will be for the vehicle owner to remove their vehicle at their cost with the shortest possible delay subject to clearance from the camp authorities that it is safe to do so. Where costs are charged by Milton Keynes council for a surveyor to attend this will be at the liability of the vehicle owner.


  • There will be restricted on-site parking for cars and motorhomes (under 9ft high). There may be off-road spaces available for up to three larger vehicles.
  • On-site parking will be chargeable, except for the disabled.
  • Free off-site parking will be available. A shuttle bus will connect the site and off-site parking.
  • A 'drop-off' area will be available adjacent to the site.
  • Parking alongside tents is unlikely to be possible because of safety considerations.
  • Tent-side parking will be considered however if (a) ground conditions permit during the event, and (b) vehicles arrive before 1pm Friday and do not move/leave before 11am on Monday. Note that this decision will not be made before August 30 at the earliest.

Public Transport

From Milton Keynes central station you can get the 300 bus or the X5 bus to Coachway ("Brook Furlong, Milton Keynes Coachway"), and then walk ~15mins. Milton Keynes Buses, journey planner.

Local bus 300 is a frequent service (every 15 minutes) which will bring you to the area (Willen Lake) where the camp takes place. You should buy the ticket to Lovatt Fields. A single from the town centre to Lovatt Fields will cost you £1.50. Don't ask for 'Pineham Park' as few bus drivers have heard of the place. It's a nice stroll along 'Willen Lake' from the bus stop 'Lovatt Fields' on Portway (H5) to the camp site - one can also encounter many water birds.

A day bus ticket costs £3.90.

Alternatively you can get a taxi. It costs about £10 from the railway station to the camp site.



  • Weather (including wind direction) forecast
  • Statistics indicating NNW wind is unlikely; stats for August/September indicate wind from due west least likely.


For a list of other users of the site, past & present, see /Other Users.

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