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Villages are dedicated camping areas for particular groups, with shared infrastructure (e.g. access to power and Internet.) Think of them as your local pub or community centre: they are the natural gathering points for the entire camp. This makes it easier for people to get to know each other and encourages collaboration while at the festival, be it for cooking sessions or to build ambitious installations.

If you want to plan a village ahead of time you can start a section for it below. At the very least pick a good name and provide a way for people to contact you. Optionally come up with a good theme or shared interest. You can form a village for your local hackerspace, art form, project, or any other community. They can have any size: from two people to 100.

We will announce a list of villages to the public before the event starts, but also expect that many of them will only form once people are setting up their tents.

The " Venues" team can help you with marquee/tent rentals if needed, but you need to be quick.


EMFM (Radio Village)

Village surrounding EMFM, making sure it works and whatnot. Also recording and broadcasting as much awesome british hackery that we can!


milliways is a village with a long tradition in hackercamps.

We have been on hackercamps like:

  • Chaos Communication Camp2003, Altlandsberg, Germany
  • What The Hack 2005 Netherlands
  • Chaos Communication Camp 2007, Finowfurt, Germany
  • toorcamp 2009, Moses Lake, WA, USA
  • Hacking at Random 2009, Netherlands
  • Chaos Communication Camp 2011, Finowfurt, Germany

.... and we want to show up on Electromagnetic Field 2012.


Village Wiki Page


People doing strange things with electricity

A village co-governed by dorkbots from around the UK (e.g. Sheffield, London, Bristol, Anglia, Newcastle, Cardiff, Manchester and Alba), and elsewhere in the world, as well as other fine co-aligned groups. Local activities would be in-line with the goings-on at dorkcamps.

Our wiki page

Nottingham Hackspace

There are currently serval members planning to attend, depending on numbers, transport and cost we are looking at a marque with a bunch of Hackspace tools to play with, posibley including laser cutter, CNC mill and RepRap.
Planning is going on at our wiki and google groups Nottinghack wiki planning


I (Paul) fancy a radio village. If you like any of the following we can do something. Maybe.

  • GSM
  • Amateur radio (HAM)
  • Satellite comms
  • Bluetooth?
  • The badges
  • Anything else...


MzTEK is a women's arts and technology education initiative. We will provide space for self-organised workshops for women, and invite any women to run workshops too. Check out whats going on, offer a workshop/project/performance and sign up for stuff on the MzTEK EMF wiki page

3d printing

3d printing is awesome, and I expect I won't be the only one to bring my reprap. Any interest in starting a village to show them off/give away printer parts for cost? If you're interested, post here, or email me at

  • just mentioned they're coming, they're bringing printers. Get in touch! (I spoke to Paul.) Martind (talk) 21:26, 6 August 2012 (UTC)


General lockpicking fun. Bring anything you want opened, the more obscure the better! Old padlocks are good. Door locks. If you have a safe that has no combination, or lost keys, bring it along. It will get opened, with varying degrees of finesse! Possibly by professionals, possibly not. (Safe breaking is fun either way.) Currently there are two full-time locksmiths and various hobby pickers confirmed attending, and we will be running various classes and talks, for all levels.


This village, is well.. A village to share the art of building with 8 bit blocks! - I (Mattz0r) am the Managing Director of Sheffield based hosting company, Get-Sourced Limited - specialising in Minecraft Hosting. Contact me at if you're interested in joining in the Minecraft fun! (we can actually build a village and everything!)

UKHAS - UK High Altitude Society

We're a loose collection of people who are interested in launching unmanned high altitude balloons into near space. High altitude ballooning is a multi-skilled hobby which lets you explore the edge of space relatively cheaply - a basic flight can cost less than £200.

Raspberry Pi Camp

Hi, I'm Paul Beech (@guru), and I volunteer for the Raspberry Pi Foundation. I'd like to set up a little village for those who want to get into 'physical computing' (yes, I call it hacking too), but don't know where to start. I've called it Raspberry Pi camp, but Arduinos, PICs and other boards are totally welcome. Bring components.

Portcullis Camp

A group of us are attending from Portcullis Computer Security, and will be forming our own village.


A hackerspace based in Oslo, Norway attending EMF. // #oslohackerspace @

Club Mattie™

We are a small group of infamous crazy dutch hackers.
Next to drinking club mate whole the freaking time, we like to program and play around with small electronics.
Hopefully we can actually end one of our projects this year, but probably we will start new ones instead ;p. Drop by if you like!

The unaffiliated villagers

An affiliation of villagers who are not affiliated with any village. (except this one)


We know people from the following groups are coming (and more) - create a section above if you want a village:

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