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This is the current list of things we need to obtain before the event:

Planning Meetings

Planning meetings for EMF2012 are held regularly at various locations. We will announce time and location for the next meeting on the mailing list and on IRC, see Contact.

Planning meetings involve the planning committee of all key team coordinators. They are facilitated by a chair, and minuted by a secretary, both of which are appointed at the start of the meeting. Our aim is to keep these meetings as boring and routine as possible; excited discussions about details should happen in teams.

Most team coordinators are expected to be physically present at each planning meeting. If a team's primary coordinator cannot attend they need to ensure someone else is briefed about the current planning state, and can speak on their behalf.

Visitors are welcome, but are asked to observe silently until the meeting has ended.

Meeting Structure


Suggested preparation for larger meetings:

  • Announce the date and location a few days in advance
  • Prepare and circulate an agenda at least 24h in advance
  • Fit-up team will mostly arrive on Tuesday


Start by creating an Etherpad for the minutes. The secretary is the main author, but all other attendees are invited to fill in gaps. (Don't share the URL publicly during the event; keep it just amongst attendees. Less spam problems that way.)

The chair facilitates discussion and decision-making among the group of team representatives. Decisions are made by consensus. We're now aiming to have a clear and fixed agenda of team updates, not just an ad hoc list.

As part of a planning meeting we will:

  • Review progress updates by all Teams.
  • Identify bottlenecks, ensure people get the help they need (e.g. staff.)
  • Discuss deadlines, high-level targets, and the week ahead (e.g. regarding the budget, ticket sales, other projects.) See e.g. Task Management.
  • Discuss proposals for the creation of new projects and teams.
  • Discuss any other important decisions that affect multiple teams.

Other considerations:

  • Ensure tasks from previous meetings are followed up and resolved.
  • Ensure that all decisions are recorded, along with new tasks, new questions for teams, and other key bits of new information.
  • If new topics are brought up during discussion they will be added to the end of the agenda.

Once a planning meeting has ended everyone is invited stick around and socialise; since all the key contacts are present this is a great opportunity to have discussions among the community, but also a chance to pull in prospective collaborators.


  • Chair/secretary to email the list with a link to the minutes and a brief summary of the key points
    • This could simply mean: put the Etherpad minutes on a wiki page and share the link.
  • Chair/secretary to ensure every team is informed of any new tasks, new questions, and other key developments that affects them.
    • This may e.g. entail the filing of new tasks in Lighthouse (see Task Management.)
    • Share those new tasks on the mailing list too, e.g. with a link like this. (Or if you want to be fancy: create a tag for the meeting date and link to a search for the tag.)
  • Poke the Communications team to post a planning update on the blog.


Minutes prior to March 2012 are at [1]

Use the template for new pages.

Task Management

How do we keep track of our work and our progress? See Task Management.

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