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The camping areas at EMF are divided into villages: groups of people camping together, often because of a common interest. Some villages are big, some are small. Many villages organise their own events, workshops or talks.

There is a list of the villages below. Go ahead and join one that you'd like to be part of. Or if there isn't one about your biggest interest, start a new village and people can join you.

If you have any questions about villages, or you're planning to bring something especially big or in need of power to your village, drop an email to [mailto:[email address removed] [email address removed]], or drop into our IRC channel.

Register a Village

To create a village page on the wiki, enter a short name for it below. You must be logged in to the wiki to register a village.

If you have any issues creating your village, get in touch with us at [mailto:[email address removed] [email address removed]]. We're happy to help out.

Village Map

This should display a map. If it doesn't, try force-reloading the page OR do a short dance and say EMF three times.

Add your village to the map

You can add your village to the map to let others know where you're located. This doesn't guarantee you any space, unless you've hired a tent.

To add your village to the map:

  • Make sure you're logged in to the main website (not the wiki) by visiting here.
  • Visit the map and click the "+" button.
  • Enter your village name and the wiki page name (optional), click "set location" to place your village, and click create.
  • Scout the terrain with streetview pictures here: streetview.

You can edit or delete your village on the map at any time by clicking on it.

List of Villages

Village:Amateur RadioAmateur RadioHam radio at its finest!
Village:AMSATAMSATAmateur Satellite Users and Developers
Village:Belgian EmbassyBelgian EmbassyCoalition of Belgian hackerspaces, fablabs and mind likes.
Village:BmOPBmOPThe Otters from Münster
Village:Board GamersBoard GamersEnjoy modern board games? Join us!
Village:Bristol HackspaceBristol HackspaceBristol Hackspace and Friends
Village:C3VOCC3VOCWok Willage
Village:Cambridge MakespaceCambridge MakespaceFor Cambridge Makespace
Village:CampHollandCampHolland"The Dutch" - You're welcome to visit :)
Village:Camp PostalCamp PostalWe implement sneakernet on the camp
Village:ChaosWestChaosWestChaos-West is a loose group of Hackerspaces from midwest Germany.
Village:Cheltenham HackspaceCheltenham HackspaceMemebers and friends of Cheltenham Hackspace
Village:CoTechCoTechBuilding a tech industry that's better for its workers and customers through co-operation, democracy and worker ownership.
Village:CU SpaceflightCU SpaceflightCambridge University Spaceflight
Village:Cyber VikingsCyber VikingsThe Viking Village
Village:DuckAndPalsDuckAndPalsSmall village of friends and colleagues
Village:ECSECSA village for the lovely people from The University of Southampton
Village:Edinburgh HacklabEdinburgh HacklabEdinburgh Hacklab and friends
Village:Embassy of NowhereEmbassy of NowhereAn outpost of Nowhere.
Village:EMF-IXEMF-IXOn site Internet Exchange
Village:Enter-TENT-mentEnter-TENT-mentThe karaoke village
Village:EOF HackspaceEOF HackspaceEOF Hackspace and friends
Village:FemcampFemcampbeing soft is a revolutionary act
Village:Field-FXField-FXA mini demoparty in a tent.
Village:fizzPOPfizzPOPMembers and friend of fizzPOP the Birmingham Makerspace
Village:FoodhackingbaseFoodhackingbaseFriendly open hub for food, drink and bio interested hackers.
Village:GoldsmithingGoldsmithingThe One Ring Workshop
Village:Gothic ValleyGothic ValleyResidents and associates of London Gothic Valley, Gothic Heights etc
Village:Guild of MakersGuild of MakersGuild of Makers - for the Maker Industry
Village:HABvilleHABvilleUKHAS & Friends
Village:Hackaday ReadersHackaday ReadersAll the wonderful and creative people who make Hackaday what it is.
Village:Hacks 'R' UsHacks 'R' UsHacking, hopefully under a modest geodesic dome
Village:Hacky RacersHacky RacersA village for racers and fans of Hacky Racers
Village:HamfursHamfursFurries that are into amateur radio, electronics, phreaking and retro games
Village:Hardware Hacking AreaHardware Hacking AreaThe Hardware Hacking Area is a huge area in the Belgian Embassy Village for people of all ages and skill levels to come together and play, teach, learn, and share in many and diverse realms of making all sorts of physical things.
Village:Hardware Swap ShopHardware Swap ShopCome along with your old micro-controllers, computer parts and any electronic "junk" and swap it for electronics you might need!
Village:Hat VillageHat VillageHats!
Village:Hitchin HackspaceHitchin HackspaceA village for Hitchin Hackspace, featuring the famous bighak
Village:Holistic HowlersHolistic HowlersHolistic Howling is a group based howling practice, encouraging safe, non-verbal communication through Howl Circles
Village:HTTP 418HTTP 418Web nerds
Village:ICAHICAHMembers and friends of the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace. Come try our escape room!
Village:Introverted Engineering Task ForceIntroverted Engineering Task ForceA friendly bunch of hackers.
Village:Ipswich MakerspaceIpswich MakerspaceIpswich Makerspace
Village:Irish EmbassyIrish EmbassyWhere the Irish share tea and biscuits
Village:lainchanlainchansmall village with an assortment of lains
Village:Little ShenzhenLittle ShenzhenA group of who like to hang out in Shenzhen.
Village:LocksportLocksportTOOOL UK & others bring the lock picking knowledge
Village:London AerospaceLondon AerospaceA village of multirotor and fixed wing drone enthusiasts
Village:London HackspaceLondon HackspaceLondon Hackspace
Village:Maidstone HackspaceMaidstone HackspaceMaidstone Hackspace
Village:Maths VillageMaths VillageHere we do maths
Village:Mega Pi NoonMega Pi NoonPoptasic Balloon popping fighting robots
Village:MilliwaysMilliwaysMilliways is a loose group of hackers from around the world
Village:MiscHaufenMiscHaufenA few guys from Brunswick/Germany
Village:MK MakerspaceMK MakerspaceMilton Keynes Makerspace
Village:Motley CrewMotley CrewA medley of newbies and returners.
Village:Newbury and District HackspaceNewbury and District HackspaceNewbury and District Hackspace (NADHack)
Village:Nexmo & FriendsNexmo & FriendsNexmo people and friends & family
Village:North-West TentingNorth-West TentingFrom the North-West and proficient in tenting
Village:OctogenariansOctogenariansWe will figure out about this village when we reach the right age
Village:oliconoliconHardware hacking/making, circuit board design and rapid prototyping with a flavor of renewable energy and HEP
Village:OpendigitalradioOpendigitalradioOpensource DAB radio transmission and receiving software as well as related broadcasting tools
Village:Owl CityOwl CityFriends and members of Hack Oldham and the North West maker community
Village:OxhackOxhackOxford Hackspace
Village:POTS Sub-exchangePOTS Sub-exchangeA small sub-exchange for analog telephony
Village:PuzzlersPuzzlersBoard Game and Escape Room Connoisseurs
Village:Quantum Technology ClubQuantum Technology ClubTechnology club for adults and youngsters in Ormskirk, Lancashire
Village:r4nger5r4nger5R4nger5 fan village
Village:r4nger5 Villiager4nger5 VilliageVilliage for fans/contibutors to R4nger5
Village:Room 11 - The rabbit holeRoom 11 - The rabbit hole
Village:Sai's TentSai's TentSai's Tent
Village:Scottish ConsulateScottish ConsulateSCOTLAND FOREVER
Village:Serendipity CampSerendipity Campcosy place with tea, relaxing music and good people
Village:SeriousCampSeriousCampLess serious than the name might suggest
Village:Sheffield HackspaceSheffield HackspaceSheffield Hackspace (SHH&M)
Village:SHMSHMSurrey and Hampshire Makerspace Village, featuring a light up geodesic dome and tents.
Village:South London MakerspaceSouth London MakerspaceSouth London Makerspace is a social community workshop. Join us for Breakfast Club every morning, and drop by for tea/coffee and a chat at any time, £FREE
Village:Swan'); DROP TABLE Villages; --Swan'); DROP TABLE Villages; --Team Swan is up to some fowl play.
Village:Swansea HackspaceSwansea HackspaceSwansea Hackspace's corner
Village:Swiss VillageSwiss VillageSome visitors from switzerland
Village:Team AlpacaTeam Alpaca@portcullislabs, @emfctf
Village:Team DogsbodyTeam DogsbodyStaff & friends of Dogsbody Technology
Village:TermiTownTermiTownA town for TermiSoc: The Technology and Train Enthusiast Society
Village:Test village please ignoreTest village please ignoreAt this village we will test the wiki
Village:The DisorganisationThe Disorganisationa group of disorganised friends
Village:The Hacking HamletThe Hacking HamletToo small to be a village, so it’s a hamlet of hacking
Village:The Northern QuarterThe Northern QuarterIt's not in the north, and it's not even a quarter.
Village:The Osso Family VillageThe Osso Family Village
Village:The Planeswalker's GuildThe Planeswalker's GuildA Village for Magic: The Gathering players!
Village:Threat-centricThreat-centricA place to discuss infosec related activities...
Village:Tree Stump VillageTree Stump Villagethe village of stump lovers
Village:Trowbridge Mens ShedTrowbridge Mens ShedCommunity workshop
Village:Untitled CampersUntitled CampersWe are a group of campers with an untitled village.
Village:West London HackersWest London HackersA collection of hackers from West London and some friends from further afield
Village:Yorkshire and FriendsYorkshire and FriendsA Village for groups from Yorkshire and other Friends

(This list is automatically updated from villages registered on this wiki. It takes a little while to update.)