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POTS Sub-exchange

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Description A small sub-exchange for analog telephony
Contact ^^makoto_ on freenode or @0x47df on twitter
Activities Providing 24 Analog telephony ports for the immadiate surroundings of datenklo D1
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Service status

2018-09-03 09:23 POTS lines will be de-powered at 10:00 today so we can pack up and go home. Thanks for your custom!

Historical statuses:

2018-08-31 18:59 Calls in and out via the POTS Sub-exchange are working (and have been for a few hours but I was so excited and forgot to update the wiki... sorry!)
2018-08-31 11:30 Phone switch is operational for local calls only (no interconnect), line installations available.
2018-08-31 00:15 Awaiting network build (will set up in the morning)


I will be providing 24 ports of Analog Telephony from my tent to the immediate vicinity of datenklo D1.

To join in - turn up with a POTS phone (DTMF dialling is preferred - I haven't tested if pulse/loop disconnect dialling works but in theory it should do), and we will run a cable to your tent. A standard install will provide 1M of cable from the boundary of your tent, and a BT 431A type socket. If you have a phone that takes another standard plug for connecting into the network, please bring a converter (or the relevant socket if such a converter doesn't exist).

Phone installs will entail a cable running from "the exchange" (aka my tent) to outside your tent (if a nearby cable/DP doesn't already exist) and a DP (distribution point, a small junction box) on a stick installed, each can carry 3 lines, so one for you and two for others nearby. Once a DP (distribution point) is installed, a tail running from the DP with a BT socket on the end will be provided to the boundary of your tent plus 1 metre. All you have to do is turn up with a phone. :)

The network is anticipated to be operational from mid-Friday until we get kicked off site on Monday, but this depends on me configuring the kit quickly enough. Access into the network is via a Cisco IAD2432-24FXS, and interconnects into the rest of the Eventphone network via SIP, so you should be able to make calls to/from the GSM and DECT networks. Obviously, no service level is guaranteed whatsoever, and no backup power exists for this equipment.


There is a problem and I need to contact a POTS Sub-exchange organiser immediately

Makoto will be attached to DECT extension 2170, or can be called on 01483 347032 (forwarder to mobile) for any operational issues with the POTS network that need immediate attention, such as unsafe cables.

My phone uses RJ11/anything other than a "BT plug"

Sockets will be provided with a BT plug. We can provide a bare copper pair should you wish to provide your own socket, or if you wish to use screw terminals etc, but I'm afraid you'll have to provide these yourself. We can direct-wire a sacrificial linecord to the nearest DP if this helps, but sockets are vastly preferred. Feel free to contact me for wiring advice if you have something funky.

Is Pulse dialling supported?

Pulse dialling works on our equipment, although some handsets of the pulse dial vintage may not like our ringing signal (we are not providing ring capacitors in the sockets, sorry!)

Can I make calls to/form GSM/DECT extensions?

This is currently working! The IAD2432 supplying service will be interconnecting with the Eventphone network via SIP to make this possible.

Can you guarantee any service level?

Lol, no. It's a muddy field, expect bad joints, no dial tone and crosstalk, although we'll try to fix it if we can. It can't be worse than the service currently provided by britain's incumbent telco ;)

Port Allocations

This table lists which ports on the IAD are assigned to whom. Please add yourself (your wiki names please, should we need to contact you) to the table if you want a port allocated so we can give you a phone line! If you're already registered on GURU3 as a SIP extension, you'll need to speak to makoto to get this configued on the SIP proxy, otherwise we can register you during the installation of the physical line.

IAD Port Patch Port Extension Name Installed? Routed to Eventphone?
2/0 1 2169 makoto/flacs (POTS operators) Yes Yes
2/1 2 6698 FireFly Yes Yes
2/2 3 **** Internal usage test circuit Yes
2/3 4 5735 Rika Yes Yes
2/4 5 2172 Skylar Yes Yes
2/5 6 2112 Callum Yes Yes
2/6 7 5331? Lee
2/7 8
2/8 9
2/9 10
2/10 11
2/11 12
2/12 13
2/13 14 2014? RC2014 Yes
2/14 15
2/15 16
2/16 17 4017 Sandie Yes Yes
2/17 18
2/18 19
2/19 20
2/20 21
2/21 22
2/22 23
2/23 24