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Embassy of Nowhere

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Description An outpost of Nowhere.
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Citizens of the World

"If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of Nowhere."

The Embassy of Nowhere is an ad hoc collection of Burners (members of the Burning Man cult) who are part of the wider international Burning Man community. Nowhere is a regional Burning Man event, held annually in the Spanish desert.

Described as a ‘festival’, an ‘arts event’ and ‘a Burning Man regional’, Nowhere is the culmination of the music, languages, art, outfits, workshops, words, parties and people of a diverse, international community.

Nowhere is based on 10 core principles which are based around the core principles of Burning Man

The 10 core principles of Nowhere are:

Self Expression : The freedom to be yourself Self Reliance : You are responsible for you, mentally and physically No commerce : Forget about money – there’s nothing to buy Leave no trace : From dust to dust – we only leave footprints Participation : Get involved – Nowhere is what we make it Inclusion : Everyone is welcome to be a Nobody Gifting : We give our time, effort, and gifts freely Co-operation : Together we are stronger Community : A family of individuals, we look after each other Immediacy : Make now count

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Village Events:

  • Workshop on Friday 14.45: Create tiny art : in which tiny pieces of art may be created to be burnt on Saturday at the tiny Burn.
  • Workshop on Saturday, 11am - Noon: Pancakes! We cook, you eat.
  • Talk on Saturday, 3pm - 4pm: Measurement error in Epidemiology: a hands-on demonstration of the problem and an introduction to the solutions
  • Party on Saturday 16:20: The Ambassadors Party : The Ambassador cordially invites you to the Embassy party. Formal dress preferred. Bring your own mug, the Ambassador doesn't provide drinking vessels, just the drink.
  • The Tiny Burn Saturday 21:00: Introduction to Burning : at which we may burn some small art.
  • Live link Sunday 06:00: Burning Man live from the Nevada desert :providing someone is awake.