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Description Building a tech industry that's better for its workers and customers through co-operation, democracy and worker ownership.
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Anarchism, Democracy, Games, Open Source Software, Python, Rust (programming language), This wiki
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What is CoTech?

CoTech is a network of 34 UK based tech co-operatives offering a wide range of tech/digital services.

In a tech industry that is increasingly centered around huge monopolies such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Uber that invade our privacy, abuse their worker’s rights in the name of constant growth. With ubiquitous connectivity, automation and AI becoming omnipresent, these hierarchical companies will exert more and more influence over our daily lives. We can build a better and more democratic society starting now. This is how.

Worker's co-operatives are a way of organising a businesses so that they are owned and run collectively by their workers. If implemented correctly, co-operatives ensure that the capital generated by providing goods and services doesn’t disappear into the hands of shareholders and investors and profits are distributed ethically among workers and the community. We are accountable to each other and we operate under principles of transparency, consensus and decentralisation.

“We hereby give notice to technology companies that do not treat their employees fairly, do not give their workers control of their businesses and do not seek to create a fairer world that your days are numbered. We are more creative, more committed and more resilient. Join us.” - CoTech Manifesto

Where can I find out more?

What we are doing at EMF Camp?

We are hackers and geeks and we love LEDs :)

We also hope to run a meetup at some point and do a talk about what has been happening with us over the past two years.