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Belgian Embassy

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Description Coalition of Belgian hackerspaces, fablabs and mind likes.
Contact [[Contact::[email address removed]|]][email address removed]
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Relevant interests
Badge, Electronics, Open Source Software, Radio, Raspberry Pi
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  • Coalition of Belgian hackerspaces, fablabs and mind likes.
  • Host of the Hardware Hacking Area, with lot of tools and workshops.
  • Providers of fine Belgian beers.

Hackerspaces? Fablabs?

  • Antwerp::Voidwarranties
  • Antwerp::Walking robot
  • Antwerp::Open Garage
  • Brussels::Brussels Fablab (VUB/EHB)
  • Brussels::HSBXL
  • Brussels::UrLAB (ULB)
  • Ghent::Hackerspace.Gent formerly 0x20
  • Hasselt::Brixel
  • Sint-Joris-Weert::Fri3d Camp
  • San Francisco::Noisebridge

Location of Belgian Embassy Village / Hardware Hacking Area

Location of Hardware Hacking Area in Belgian Embassy Village