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MarroldVillage:Amateur RadioMarrold (2E0SIP)Hopefully a DMR and Analogue Gateway, bridged together.

A tent

Good times
M0TZOVillage:Scottish Consulate
Village:Amateur Radio
Paul Gibson MØTZOThu Aug 30 16:00Sun Sep 2 0:00DMR & D-Star Amateur Radios, APRS Tracker, Projector (3200 lumens)
FilbertVillage:Amateur RadioJon Fautley (M0NGY)Fri Aug 31 12:00Sun Sep 2 16:00If I have it and we need it, I'll bring it
WSPRVillage:Camp Postal
Village:Scottish Consulate
Village:Amateur Radio
Calum WSPRThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
TkerbyVillage:Edinburgh Hacklab
Village:Amateur Radio
Tim KerbyThu Aug 30 18:00Mon Sep 3 10:00My wife, Stephanie, for our first wedding anniversary. Also some radio and LoraWAN gear.
TjVillage:Amateur Radio
Village:Scottish Consulate
tjThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00chaos, blinkenlights, mystery, entertainment
PaulVillage:Amateur RadioPaul
NigelwVillage:Amateur RadioNigel G0NGLFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 11:00FT817, mains psu, data interface & laptop. Can bring other stuff if needed.
AlistairmVillage:Edinburgh Hacklab
Village:Amateur Radio
AlistairThu Aug 30 18:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Anycast DNS node for EMF-IX (contact me if you want to slave before we arrive) Yaesu 857
Geo3geoVillage:Irish Embassy
Village:Amateur Radio
GeoThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00curiosity, Concertina & music
SimonFairbournVillage:The Disorganisation
Village:Amateur Radio
Simon Fairbourn (M0TTE)Fri Aug 31 10:00Sun Sep 2 18:00Some radio kit - portable SOTA set-up.
SpungletrumpetVillage:Amateur RadioMark Tanner (M0MTT)Thu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Various VHF and UHF kit. Tools and wires and things. Probably some outdoor LED lights like last time. Also my 10 year old daughter, Sally. (M6LHY).
Mich181189Village:Amateur RadioMichael CullenFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Myself, maybe a bit of radio gear, maybe just possibly some electronics
MintsauceVillage:Bristol Hackspace
Village:Board Gamers
Village:Amateur Radio
Jon Hadley (M6JNY)Ultimate3/3S QRSS/WSPR kit. Twilight Struggle. Camping tables.
MexVillage:Board Gamers
Village:Amateur Radio
MexFri Aug 31 22:00Baofeng uv-b5
JoshMurrayVillage:Amateur RadioJosh M0JMOFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
Village:Amateur Radio
Jenny G0VQHFri Aug 31 12:00Sat Sep 1 14:00Portsdown Tx, Minitiouner Rx, FT897, LimeSDR Mini, Antennas
PeterdrobertsVillage:Amateur RadioPeter Roberts M0STKFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 6:0016A socket, 12A sockets, power cable

CAT5E cable + crimper + ends

Board games:

Scythe + invaders from afar and wind gambit extensions
LEACHIEVillage:Amateur RadioSimon LeachThu Aug 30 17:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Tent for me and a spare, small gazebo, Gas hob, table, computer & monitor, laptop, usb sdr, 25 m (I think) power cable, 40m Ethernet cable. Plus other things.
Village:Scottish Consulate
Village:Amateur Radio
hibbyThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00buckfast, Scottish people, a bizarre sense of enthusiasm
PlettVillage:Amateur RadioPaul Lettingon M0PLLThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 12:00APRS digipeater, a crate of half finished projects
BencVillage:Amateur RadioBen / m6ubca pile of BF888s, a uk business simple licence
DomClealVillage:Motley Crew
Village:Amateur Radio
Dominic ClealThu Aug 30 20:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Radio + portable contesting equipment
David (Badger) JohnsonThu Sep 27 12:00Sun Sep 2 17:00Amateur Radio Satellite Ground Station (IC-9100, GS-232, X-Pol ants, Preamps, coax, cables, 80A 12PSU, 16A Extension)

SATNogs G/S for 2 & 70

Pop-Up Signs
GonzoVillage:AMSATJulesTripod mounted AZ/EL with LVB tracker. Plenty of space to mount antennas.
Phil CrumpWed Aug 29 12:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Gazebo, Network cabling, binbags, Stove & Kettle, Tea, coffee, milk, mini-fridges, UKHASnet Gateway & Sensors & parts, ssdv hab payload (semi-assembled), soldering iron, tools, power supply.
Laurence StantMon Aug 27 0:00Tue Sep 4 0:00@emfweather weather station, LED lighting for mast, ex-army fluoro kit for Coleman event shelter and gazebos.
Wouter Weggelaar - PA3WEGextension cords with Dutch SchuKo and CEE single phase (caravan plugs), camera and Digital Amateur Television (DATV) encoder, portable satellite station. Random radio bits and bobs Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 22:00
ZZEPP OSSVillage:Belgian EmbassyZZEPP OSS
BetzVillage:Hardware Hacking Area
Village:Belgian Embassy
SaizaiVillage:Hardware Hacking Area
Village:Belgian Embassy
SaiThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
ON8LTEVillage:Belgian EmbassyON8LTE
KlimentVillage:Hardware Hacking Area
Village:Belgian Embassy
KlimentWed Aug 29 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Surface mount soldering stuff
Maltman23Village:Hardware Hacking Area
Village:Belgian Embassy
Maltman23Wed Aug 29 0:00Tue Sep 4 0:00Soldering Tools, lots of cool kits, AC power cords, lamps
Village:Board Gamers
RicFri Aug 31 10:00Sun Sep 2 22:00
PezVillage:Board GamersPezFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Me: Tent, Camera, Stove

Village: Gazebo, LED Lights, Board Games, Table, Chairs

To share: Smoke Machine, Strobe
Daniel McVeighVillage:Board GamersDaniel McVeighThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Tent / Board Games / People Maybe: Mini fridge
JosephRowlandsVillage:Board GamersJoseph RowlandsThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Secret Hitler (Low-Fi PDF version)
MattGoodyVillage:Board GamersMatt GoodyThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00One Night Werewolf + Expansion
ModarrVillage:Board GamersDanté Whitworth-RyanTent / Dungeons and Dragons 5e / Nintendo Switch
PinglessVillage:Board GamersPaul LFri Aug 31 14:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Secret Hitler
BaensoloVillage:Board GamersMr BaensFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Food and drink, Dice (maybe for some D&D?), Bang!, maybe some other games (depends on the suitcase size)
OllieBVillage:Board GamersOllieBTue Aug 28 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
Kira221bVillage:Board GamersKira221bThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Dice, Risk
AdbutteVillage:Board GamersAaron ButterworthThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Dice, DnD 5e, Some spare tent space
JonwoodVillage:Board GamersJon WoodThu Aug 30 17:00Sun Aug 26 16:00Myself, a laptop, several Raspberry Pis, and whatever random IoT kit we're testing at work that week, and an assortment of board games.
HawkVillage:Board GamersBrandon HawkesFri Aug 24 12:00Sun Aug 26 0:00Sushi Go Party, Azul, The Mind, maybe some others.
Xplora1aVillage:Newbury and District Hackspace
Village:Board Gamers
Stuart WardFri Aug 31 12:00Sat Sep 1 14:00
LbelVillage:Board GamersLennaert BelFri Aug 31 16:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Tent, dice
IrisrenckensVillage:Board GamersIris RenckensFri Aug 31 14:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Tent, some small games if I have some space left :)
JarkmanVillage:Bristol HackspaceRichard SewellThu Aug 30 14:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Gazebo, event shelter, inflatables, World'O'techno, Tune On A Stick, spork workshop
GubernaglVillage:Bristol HackspaceAnton Bowers
ChocoJonVillage:Bristol HackspaceJon DowlingDrone
HirezVillage:Bristol HackspaceHirezSwearyclock, rainbow unicorn, a box of LEDs. Probably.
LibbymillerVillage:Bristol HackspaceLibby Miller
KasparVillage:Bristol HackspaceKaspar Emanuel
CybermuleVillage:Bristol HackspaceCybermuleAn 11 year old
DiodenscheinVillage:Bristol HackspaceDiodenschein
ZwVillage:Bristol HackspaceZak
RadiocodeVillage:Bristol HackspaceLee Wiltshire (G0IAY)Thu Aug 30 11:00Sun Sep 2 20:00Various RaspberryPi, soldering kit, components and hand tools. May bring FT-817+Buddipole
RussellVillage:Bristol HackspaceRussellFri Aug 31 15:00Sun Sep 2 20:00Personal electric Vehicle Massive Diesel Powered Motorcycle
JarkWVillage:Bristol HackspaceDonna ReeveThu Aug 30 14:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Flapjack (vegan and salt-free versions)
Semach.the.monkeyVillage:Bristol HackspaceSpencerThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Retro Computer Goodness
BeccarooVillage:Bristol HackspaceBeccaFri Aug 24 0:00Sun Aug 26 0:00weaving stuff (as much as can fit in my bag as getting train!)
DoctorMikeReddyVillage:Bristol HackspaceDr Mike ReddyFri Aug 31 9:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Many stories
ChrisedsallVillage:Bristol HackspaceChris EdsallFri Aug 31 17:00Sun Sep 2 15:00Aeropress, filters
Pete RedheadVillage:Bristol HackspacePete Redhead
DirkxVillage:Bristol HackspaceDirk-Willem van Gulikfrom a country far far away
BarneyVillage:Bristol HackspaceBarney LivingstonTwitbeeb, Poetoid Lyricam, Haiku Phone?
DerchrisVillage:C3VOCDerchrisTue Aug 28 0:00Tue Sep 4 0:00
FrainzVillage:C3VOCfrainzTue Aug 28 23:00Tue Sep 4 0:00
CannonFodderVillage:Cambridge MakespaceBrian CorteilFri Aug 31 10:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Stuff lots of stuff
FootlegVillage:Cambridge MakespacePaul 'Footleg' FretwellFri Aug 31 12:00Sun Sep 2 15:00My 2 kids, a big tent and some little robots. A Pi-top and my coding mentoring skills.
ScruffyVillage:Cambridge MakespaceScruffyFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00"Who goes there" A small installation.

A fake wound made for first aid practice. Polyester paperweight

Lights that flash and annoy people.
Pinski1Village:Cambridge MakespacePinski1Thu Aug 30 13:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Sinclair C5, Hacky Racer vehicle, Misc robots.
NetsmurfVillage:CampHollandNetsmurfSat Aug 25 14:00Tue Sep 4 18:00TBD, a lot :-)
BugBlueVillage:CampHollandProf. Herr Lord I.B. MobachThu Jun 23 0:42Fri Mar 29 23:59European flags
RizoomVillage:CampHollandRizoom/JannekeFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Decorations for the tent (coloured lanterns and stuff), small carpet, glow sticks, sewing machine, flags
RelockerVillage:CampHollandRelockerTue Aug 28 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
PsychiCVillage:CampHollandPsychiCThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00wh00p wh00p its da sound of da powlies
ThomascovenantMon Aug 27 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
CmpxchgVillage:CampHollandcmpxchgThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Analog memory retention: dual electromagnetic 1/4" reel-to-reel tape decks adapted for DJ purposes
AnusVillage:CampHollandAnne Jan BrouwerTue Aug 28 19:00Tue Sep 4 11:00Some random parts and ideas.
VreemtVillage:CampHollandSandra/vreemtThu Aug 2 0:00Mon Aug 6 0:00"+1", oranje rietjes, UV face paint, kettle, tea
DamnlieVillage:CampHollandDamnlieSun Jul 31 23:59Wed Jul 31 23:13Lvl:4 entropy and correspondence
DekkersVillage:CampHollandDekkersThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
JelmerVillage:CampHollandJelmerFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
JWWed Aug 29 21:00Mon Sep 3 8:00Lockpicks and a few locks
BenadskiVillage:CampHollandBenadskiThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00People and stuff and things
MuseVillage:CampHollandMuseFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
StitchVillage:CampHollandStitchFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
Mr seekerVillage:CampHolland
Village:Camp Postal
Mr. SeekerThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Mail!
CpresserVillage:Hardware Hacking Area
JanionVillage:Cheltenham HackspaceJanionA WiFi connected LED coffee table
ThePhilStrongProjectVillage:Cheltenham HackspaceThePhilStrongProject
StevenEVillage:Cheltenham HackspaceStevenEFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00A miniature Tesla coil, an in-progress TTL computer, a set of DMX lights hooked up to an Arduino, and a Klein bottle
ChasVillage:Cheltenham HackspaceChasFri Aug 31 0:00Sat Sep 1 0:00A Pulse Jet and a Riot Van
VillageSquirrelsVillage:Cheltenham HackspaceChrisSThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00The Squires family.
KiraarghyVillage:codebarKaraFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Enthusiasm, possibly food, tents, raygun?
RichardwestenraVillage:codebarRichard WestenraFri Aug 31 14:00Sun Sep 2 19:00Tent, bunting?
ElibellyVillage:codebarEli!Fri Aug 31 20:00Sun Sep 2 17:30
ZaccolleyVillage:codebarZac ColleyFri Aug 31 10:00Fri Aug 31 17:00
KarinVillage:codebarKarinFri Aug 31 14:00Sun Sep 2 18:30Tent
AdaRoseCannonVillage:codebarAda Rose CannonFri Aug 31 14:00Sun Sep 2 19:00Tent, Rice Cooker, Coffee
HuggzorxVillage:Cyber VikingsRich (Huggzorx)Thu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 10:30Stuff that glows, mead, drinking horn for the mead, assorted cables, soldering iron, Steve, frickin' laser beams
GppkVillage:Cyber VikingsGraham "GPPK" KitteridgeThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Almost an entire Cyber Vikings village. Lightup Sound-Enabled GoKart. D&D Workshop. The whole shabang
EastabrookaVillage:Cyber VikingsAlex EastabrookThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Remote Controlled Seat.

Remote Controlled Car. Hammock. Cider.

DuckbusterVillage:DuckAndPalsDuckbusterThu Aug 30 17:00Mon Sep 3 9:00GPD Pocket, GPD Win 2, Odroid C2, Odroid GO, SNES Mini, Nintendo Switch, Netgear GS724Tv4, PC Monitor, Various Game Controllers, Bluetooth Speaker, HDMI Switch
SamwiseVillage:DuckAndPalsSamwiseThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:002x Duvelke (, spanriemen voor duvelke, beetje gereedschap (tang, schroevendraaiers), koffers voor materiaal,
SashaVillage:DuckAndPalsSasha De GrijzeThu Aug 30 17:00Mon Sep 3 9:00Odroid XU4, Odroid C2, PMR radios, FR24 gear
Freddy S.Village:DuckAndPalsFreddy S.
Marneus68Village:DuckAndPalsMarneusThu Aug 30 17:00Mon Sep 3 9:00Thinkpad x220, Raspberry Pi and accessories, Arduino and accessories, lockpicks, N-Gage QD
Tim StallardSat Sep 1 10:00Sun Sep 2 20:00
TrickeydanVillage:ECSDan TrickeyProbably some network stuff
KierVillage:ECSKier Davis
Michael PFVillage:ECSMichael PF1x Jamie
Xer0rexVillage:ECSArihant KubaStuff, and also things
Pjb304Village:ECSPjb304Thu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 11:00
DenisNicoleVillage:ECSDenis NicoleFri Aug 31 10:00Mon Sep 3 10:00Vango Event tent

Baofeng UV-5 Spare GSM

Spare DECT
Willb97Village:ECSWill BarberWed Aug 29 10:00Wed Sep 5 12:00
JpranceVillage:ECSJames PFri Aug 31 20:00Sun Sep 2 18:00
CallumThu Aug 30 0:00Sun Sep 2 12:30
JoshVillage:ECSJoshDRSSTC? LoRaWAN, lights, other wireless things
JamieVillage:ECSJamie ScottAn antenna mast, more LEDs than is healthy, some timelapse cameras and a glowing orb plus a biiiig van to put it all in.
ElectronicsVillage:ECSLaurieMon Aug 27 14:00Tue Sep 4 17:00DRSSTC?
ScorpiaVillage:ECSTyler WardFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Amateur radio kit, Village supplies, Daves Power stuff, Village phone, probably other stuff as well
DavidVillage:ECSDavid YoungAmateur Radio kit (IC-7000, 20m end-fed, 2/70 handy), LimeSDR, 16 amp kit. Probably not too much networking kit as there'll probably be enough of that floating around...
SuperdyollVillage:ECSLloydTents for some people
AndybsVillage:ECSAndy Barrett-SprotFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00TBA
TimvikVillage:Edinburgh HacklabTim HawesThu Aug 30 18:00Mon Sep 3 10:00
MiekVillage:Edinburgh HacklabMike WaltersThu Aug 30 17:00
GorzillaVillage:Scottish Consulate
Village:Edinburgh Hacklab
GordonThu Aug 30 18:30Mon Sep 3 9:30
AlfieVillage:Scottish Consulate
Village:Edinburgh Hacklab
Alfie (or sometimes Allie)Wed Aug 29 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Techno. Regrettable decisions involving copious amounts of Club Mate.
SimonVillage:Edinburgh HacklabSimon ArlottThu Aug 30 17:00Mon Sep 3 9:00
EggfriedriceVillage:Edinburgh HacklabAl BennettThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 11:00The Things Network gateway
TbrbVillage:Edinburgh Hacklab
HarryFri Aug 31 18:00Sun Sep 2 15:00Python. Containers.
SLBVillage:Edinburgh HacklabStephanie BoydThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
DVillage:Scottish Consulate
Village:Edinburgh Hacklab
DFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Good cheer
IzzyDeeVillage:Edinburgh HacklabIsabel DonnellyThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 10:00LED corset
MartinGVillage:Guild of Makers
Village:Edinburgh Hacklab
Village:Scottish Consulate
MartinFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Not sure yet
ClarisindaVillage:Embassy of NowhereMichelleThu Aug 23 0:00Sat Sep 1 0:00Gazebo, much bunting, probably some flags, pancake making equipment and ingredients, and various musical instruments.
PapaspoofVillage:Embassy of NowhereGavinFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Lighting rig, Power distro
ScallyVillage:Embassy of NowhereDavid CThu Aug 30 20:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Shade structure (non-waterproof), sound system (small, tbc), wellies (remind me to buy some!)
BobVillage:Embassy of NowhereB&Pnon-waterproof shelter, 6ft table, bench, braai, sound system, projector, generic tools, soldering station, arduino's, generic electronics
HildzzVillage:Embassy of NowhereHildaFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Bunting, banner, burner ethos
PiemonkeyVillage:Embassy of NowhereRichThu Aug 30 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Stuff Things
CeeceefulVillage:Embassy of NowhereChris GrayThu Aug 30 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00More information about measurement error than you ever wanted to know.
GaselecVillage:Embassy of NowhereSimonThu Aug 30 19:00Sun Sep 2 19:00Gazebo. Red Carpet. Ambassadors party clothes. Power distribution and splitters. Postman (PAT) Variety of electronics for disposal to discerning homes.
BasilVillage:EMF-IXBasilSat Sep 1 10:00Sun Sep 2 17:00Routing loops, BGP speakers
BenjojoVillage:EMF-IXBen Cartwright-CoxWed Aug 29 16:00Mon Sep 3 17:00Internet Infra
RmlhhdVillage:EMF-IXRmlhhdFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 10:00As a RIPE NCC Member I'm offering ASN registration for a beer - You must have justification as per RIPE rules.
JackThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Cider, biscuits and CAT 6.
PuckVillage:FemcampPuckMon Sep 3 0:00???
SadieVillage:FemcampSadieThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
SleepyEntropyVillage:Scottish Consulate
SleepyEntropyThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
FireFlyVillage:FemcampFireFlyMon Sep 3 0:00
SandieVillage:FemcampSandieThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00hugs, puns, and oxford commas.
SmedingVillage:FemcampsmedingThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
PolarityVillage:FemcampPoThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 11:00Toys. 400W UV cannon (bring day-glo ;) ).
VianessaVillage:FemcampVianessaThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
SamAppleVillage:Guild of Makers
TatzelbrummVillage:fizzPOPTatzelbrummFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
HVF-STUVillage:fizzPOPStuart Pearson
AlgoldorVillage:FoodhackingbaseAlgoldorFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
VRSVillage:FoodhackingbasevrsFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00german bread
SproetVillage:GoldsmithingSproetThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Mobile Goldsmithing workshop. A Mercedes 409 1980 red firetruck. It's real :) Ceramic mugs, Sublimation Printer & Mug Press. ArteMie Art mugs. Strong homemade cider. Juggling balls.
EmmaDingleVillage:Gothic ValleyEmmaDingleFri Aug 31 13:00Mon Sep 3 11:00360 Camera,
HughePaulVillage:Gothic ValleyPaulThu Aug 30 22:00Mon Sep 3 11:00Cinema, 3d printer, accordion
MouseboksVillage:Gothic ValleyMouseboksFri Aug 31 14:00Mon Sep 3 10:00Wine
PoggsVillage:Gothic ValleyPoggsThu Aug 30 18:00Mon Sep 3 11:00Self, Bad puns, Cameras
TerahKarmaVillage:Gothic ValleyKaraThu Aug 30 18:00Mon Sep 3 11:00Laptop, Many Oontz Musics, Best Karaoke Lungs
SquirmeliaVillage:Gothic ValleyJodiThu Aug 30 19:30Mon Sep 3 7:30Kettle
RedMacVillage:Gothic ValleyRedMacAn Ev, some blinky tape.

Soldering iron, Leatherman,Tello drone,biting wit, emotional baggage

RecanthaVillage:Guild of MakersMichael HorneFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Soldering iron, solder, USB battery packs, stuff to hack a robot with (including newly cut cardboard chassis!). Also, portable HDMI screen-in-a-box, several Raspberry Pis and SD cards... Basically, I've gone through my Shed and grabbed a load of stuff that I'll more than likely not use all weekend! :-D
Steve AmorVillage:Guild of MakersStephen AmorFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Cheerlights! A chair, a tent, a Linux laptop, ESP8266 and Arduino, bits and bobs, micro 3D helicopter, micro drone, stuff, bits and bobs n more stuff.
GrajohntVillage:Guild of MakersJohn ThurmondNot sure yet, other than curiosity and a willingness to learn
HelenleighVillage:Guild of MakersHelen Leigh SteerUnicorn horns, electronics kit and e textile stuff
GeekyTimVillage:Guild of MakersGeekyTimFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Myself! Got to think of something that won't embarrass me. Which I suppose excludes me from bringing myself.
DrLucyRogersVillage:Guild of MakersLucyLego, Marqueeeees, chairs, things and stuff.
ThetuftiiVillage:Guild of MakersClaire PollardFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Cross stitch and a couple of Raspberry Pi projects...
Nifty1aVillage:Guild of Makers
Village:Hacky Racers
Village:Hitchin Hackspace
Paul BrittonThu Aug 30 17:00Mon Sep 3 0:00BigHak
MechanicalCatVillage:Guild of MakersMechanicalCatA mechanical siamese-twin cat. A set of play-all-day antweight battlebots. A PhieldBug. And - we hope - enough luck to make at least one of them work.
AdamgreigVillage:HABvilleAdam Greig
CillianVillage:Test village please ignore
David TurnerThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 12:00LEDs, mostly.
ChrisstubbsVillage:HABvilleChris StubbsThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 12:00EMF Roamer, enough HAB stuff for one or two launches.
DomlinsonVillage:HABvilleDom TagThu Aug 30 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
ArkoVillage:HABvilleAra "Arko" KourchiansFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
ThedeltaflyerVillage:HABvilleDavid KhudaverdyanFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
RichardeoinVillage:HABvilleRichard Meadows
EwanPVillage:HABvilleEwan ParsonsMon Sep 3 12:00GPS + LoRa modules, Mk1 PITS board! SDRs, Pi's cables, extensions
FsphilVillage:HABvillePhilip HeronFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
BoxleyVillage:HABvilleBen Oxley7.5m v3 5/8 Hex dome, Habville sign
DanielsaulVillage:HABvilleDaniel Saul
JonsowmanVillage:HABvilleJon SowmanThu Aug 30 22:00Mon Sep 3 10:00Many things
AndycVillage:HABvilleAndy Cowan
TheodricVillage:HABvilleTheodricThu Aug 30 17:30Mon Sep 3 8:00awkwardness, good Scotch,

brewing gear, software-defined radios, functioning Game Boy backpack,

old VGA/composite projector
JennyListVillage:Hackaday ReadersJenny ListThe Hackaday Mobile Editorial Office, probably still covered with Dutch sand from SHA 2017. Electric transport for the weary journalist.
EthVillage:Hackaday ReadersEthSelf, probably coffee.
TechnomadicJimVillage:MK Makerspace
Village:Hackaday Readers
Jim MorrisonSelf.
MeurigVillage:London Hackspace
Village:Hackaday Readers
Meurig FreemanFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00smiles :)
DanVillage:Hackaday ReadersDanFri Aug 31 9:00Sat Sep 1 18:00Robots, tools, misc and other.
MstratfordVillage:Hacks 'R' UsMatthew StratfordThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
Perlin.warpVillage:Hacks 'R' UsPeter WalkingtonHomemade EEG, Furby,an SDR, Mattel IM-ME and random other electronic bits
Vince31Village:Hacky RacersVinceFri Aug 31 11:00Sun Sep 2 16:00Hacky Racer "Bodge Charger"
TrystVillage:HamfursTrystRadios, big FO mast, hooch, kilt
AndrewMontagneVillage:HamfursAndrew Montagne
NogaVillage:Hardware Hacking AreaNoga
ElsmorianVillage:Hat VillageChris StokesmoreWed Aug 29 10:00Mon Sep 3 11:00
FloppyVillage:Hat VillageJames SmithSun Sep 2 12:00Things to make noise. A box of tiny synthesizers, speakers, and probably some soldering kit and a box of electronic components. Aeropress.
PikesleyVillage:Hat VillageSamThu Aug 30 15:00Mon Sep 3 10:00Voting Machine, Loads of neon/LED/EL Wire stuff, Hats, Inflatable sofa, Frisbee,, RetroPie, Lots of Twisty Cube Puzzles
WamoniteVillage:Hat VillageWarren MooreTent and stuff TBD
ChabrowaVillage:Hat VillageChabrowa
DaveaVillage:Hat VillageDave ArterThu Aug 30 10:00Mon Sep 3 11:00
AgentGavVillage:Hat VillageGavin + TFri Aug 31 19:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Home made arcade; 4-way power; maybe a large speaker; FPV drone; an RC car
DevopstomVillage:Hat VillageTom O'ConnorThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 9:00Arduinos, Laptop. Soldering Iron. Assorted electronic components
MsilVillage:Holistic HowlersMsilThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 11:00Synthesizers, Minirig + Sub, 12-port switch, mic + mixer, Illuminati Card Game, MtG cards, Howly stuff
ReflexVillage:Holistic HowlersIan DogstarThu Aug 30 16:30Mon Sep 3 11:00
TenVillage:Holistic HowlersTen YenThu Aug 30 15:55Tue Sep 4 17:55
AkwVillage:Holistic HowlersAkwThu Aug 30 14:00Mon Sep 3 10:00fire, projector + screen, coffee machine, lights, tools, gazebo, 4 x chairs, table, gas bbq, speakers + amp, long power extension
GordoVillage:Holistic HowlersGordo
DawehnerVillage:HTTP 418Dawehner
JonlVillage:Ipswich MakerspaceJonl
SteveCVillage:Ipswich MakerspaceSteve Chalkley
PtbwVillage:Ipswich MakerspacePhilFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
Offworld21Village:Ipswich MakerspaceWilFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
WhatawholeoneVillage:Ipswich MakerspaceMatt
MallyhubzVillage:Ipswich MakerspaceMal
ChrisTheBaronVillage:Ipswich MakerspaceChris Taylor
1iJamesVillage:Ipswich Makerspace1iJames
RobfitzVillage:Irish EmbassyrobfitzThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
EstuansVillage:Irish EmbassyEstuansFri Aug 31 15:00Mon Sep 3 12:00SDRs, Rotary Telephones, Film Cameras. Maybe a weather station
NamitVillage:Irish EmbassyNamitFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
ElephantVillage:Irish Embassyelephant
EneylonVillage:Irish EmbassyEneylonThu Aug 30 18:00Mon Sep 3 9:00
ChebeVillage:Irish EmbassychebeFri Aug 31 15:00Mon Sep 3 12:00
TdrVillage:Irish EmbassyTdrFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Lots of Hot glue guns, lollipop sticks for a kids workshop.
F0xVillage:lainchanf0xFri Aug 31 9:00Sun Sep 2 20:00
PinoaffeVillage:lainchanPinoaffeThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Gas stove with 2 burners Synth PCB's
JaygoobyVillage:LaserLlamasJay Caines-GoobyFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Lots of bits and bobs! 30m extension lead, network cable, table & benches, but mostly my 10 & 13 year old kids.
RinVillage:Little ShenzhenRinFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
M0XINVillage:London AerospaceMatt TaylorFri Aug 31 10:00Sun Sep 2 18:006x3M gazebo, 4x3M tent, shelving, mini fridge, three folding chairs, 4-seat camping table with built-in seats, 3-way lipo charger, bench PSUs
BenScarbVillage:London AerospaceBen ScarboroFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Tent (4mx3m), mini fridge, two folding chairs (more possible), table, random camping equipment, Raspberry Pis, Quads
VyizisVillage:London AerospaceVyizisFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
YetifiascoVillage:London HackspaceHenry SandsTue Aug 28 15:00Mon Sep 3 13:00Marque, 2 tables and a beehive
LexrVillage:London HackspaceLex RWed Aug 29 0:00Wed Sep 5 0:00
JasperWallaceVillage:London HackspaceJasper WallaceFri Aug 24 12:00Thu Sep 6 12:00
Ab86ukVillage:Maidstone HackspaceAlex BeardmoreFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Tent, Go-kart, self.
AmelanVillage:Maidstone HackspaceJake JacksonFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
RiddersVillage:Maidstone HackspaceRidders
OlyVillage:Maidstone HackspaceOlyFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00all the things
TheArduinoGuyVillage:Maidstone HackspaceMike McRobertsFri Aug 31 7:00Sun Sep 2 18:00GoPro, Monopod and Tripod, DSLR, Rubics Cube, Electric Cooker/Oven, Kettle, Extension Leads, Toolbox, Binoculars, Space Blankets
MrDooomVillage:Maidstone HackspaceDominickFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
SgtWilkoVillage:Maidstone HackspaceSgtWilkoFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Tea, Tent, Cobb.
SCollinsVillage:Maidstone HackspaceSam CollinsFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
KatieStecklesVillage:Maths VillageKatie Steckles
NathandayVillage:Maths VillageNathan DayFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 11:00
Good Rat ZekeVillage:Maths VillageGood Rat Zeke
  • begs for biscuits *
Ajk44Village:Maths VillageAlison and Monty
AdamJVillage:Maths VillageAdamFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Running Gear, Birding Gear, Free Advice, Enthusiasm
CamzVillage:Maths VillageCamzFri Aug 31 9:00Sun Sep 2 19:00
AxiomsofchoiceVillage:Maths VillageDan HagonThu Aug 30 19:15Mon Sep 3 8:45
MattParkerVillage:Maths VillageMattParker5 × tetrahedron
MscroggsVillage:Test village please ignore
Village:Maths Village
Matt ScroggsTue Aug 28 11:30Mon Sep 3 18:00Kettle, tea, EMFFAX, ScroggsBot, wool and crochet hooks, flexagon templates
SmokyFurbyVillage:Maths VillageSmokyFurbyWool, crochet hooks, my handler
TronaldDumpVillage:MEGATronaldDumpGazebo, random electronics parts, too many ultrabright lights, drink.
CartonVillage:MilliwaysCartonThu Aug 30 17:30Mon Sep 3 11:00
TuxcoderVillage:MilliwaysTuxcoderWed Aug 29 0:00Tue Sep 4 0:00
FellmoonVillage:MilliwaysFellmoonThu Aug 30 0:00Sun Sep 2 16:00Some Tools, see the milliways/emf-tools pad
JimVillage:Scottish Consulate
ShroombabVillage:MilliwaysShroombabThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
LeyrerVillage:MilliwaysLeyrerThu Aug 30 14:00Mon Sep 3 14:00could bring CEE(16 Amp)-> euro (schuko) plug converter
W1bbleVillage:Milliwaysw1bble (Jamie)Thu Aug 30 16:00Sun Sep 2 20:00$offspring1
ShadowVillage:MilliwaysShadowWed Aug 29 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Spraypaint, Mead,...
AwtnmyVillage:MilliwaysAwtnmyThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Large homebrew offset smoker
Firel0xVillage:Milliwaysfirel0xThu Aug 30 19:00Mon Sep 3 10:00
GramelsVillage:MilliwaysgramelsThu Aug 30 14:00Mon Sep 3 12:00
NordinVillage:Scottish Consulate
NordinThu Aug 30 12:00Mon Sep 3 12:00
PathfinderVillage:MilliwayspathTue Aug 28 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Bar, various nyan items, alcohol
BingoVillage:MilliwaysBingoThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 6:00Blinky lights controlled by sound.
Ben-xoVillage:MilliwaysBen XOThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Blinky lights, music to DJ in the null sector.
HayleyJeanVillage:MilliwaysHayleyGiant inflatable Pizza
BboortzVillage:MiscHaufenBenniThu Aug 30 12:00Mon Sep 3 8:00Electronic stuff like LED band, Ardoinos, etc..
ShokinnVillage:MiscHaufenShokiNNThu Aug 30 12:00Mon Sep 3 8:00Electronic stuff like Transceivers, Ardoinos, ESPs, racing drone etc..
PhilSwinbankVillage:MK MakerspacePhilSwinbankThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
DeanusjackVillage:MK MakerspaceJack DeanusThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Gear.
VenatorVillage:MK MakerspaceVenatormyself
TroubleVillage:MooseTroubleAll the things!
TonyHoyleVillage:MooseTony HoyleThu Aug 30 17:00Mon Sep 3 11:00Bottled Water, Soft Drinks
MurbleVillage:MooseMurbleThu Aug 30 17:15Sun Sep 2 19:01myself, Eoin
DavelVillage:MooseDavelScones, clotted cream.
CleftyVillage:MooseCleftyPizza Oven, Cheese, Motorbike
CatsoupVillage:MoosecatsoupDreadlocks, soldering iron, teapot, cheese, boyfriend (james).
Martian-aVillage:Motley CrewMartian-aFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Boardgames.
HarrymVillage:Motley CrewHarry MetcalfeFamily
AlisqVillage:Motley CrewAlisqFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Yarn
DaiVillage:Motley CrewDaiFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
BruntonspallVillage:Motley CrewMichael Brunton-SpallFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:002 small children!
FourohfourVillage:Motley Crew/wade and kid crueFri Aug 31 11:00Sun Sep 2 13:00Tent, Alcove (tent without walls, great for sharing space), HDIOT's, soldering iron, Biolite basecamp stove, solar chargers, lights, 25m 16A cord, Sphero, Pi's, camp kitchen, lockpicks
HanaVillage:Motley CrewHannahFace paints 🎨
JableyVillage:Motley CrewJames AbleyFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 11:00Family
StuartLVillage:The Hacking Hamlet
Village:Newbury and District Hackspace
Stuart L
AndrewLVillage:The Hacking Hamlet
Village:Newbury and District Hackspace
AndrewThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 10:00cordless soldering iron and stuff to hack
Max LVillage:Newbury and District HackspaceMax L
Graham PVillage:Newbury and District HackspaceGraham PFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
JonathanVillage:Newbury and District HackspaceJonathan
MikeVillage:NorthSouthMikeSome power cables, some SDR stuff, whatever's left in my bag after SHA, people from Yorkshire, some from London, a distrust of authority, and maybe some teabags.
DpslwkVillage:NottinghackMattThu Aug 23 19:00Thu Sep 6 12:00
JamesTaylorVillage:NottinghackJamesTaylorThu Aug 30 12:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Clay Workshop
KatemonkeyVillage:NottinghackKateThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00WUNDERKAMMMER
MsemtdVillage:NottinghackMichael Erskine
  • 5 string banjo
  • If there's space, and folk are interested, I can bring a selection form my large collection of twisty puzzles
  • the lolz
MellchieVillage:NottinghackMichelle StricklandThu Aug 30 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Spider silk talk
HalyVillage:OctogenariansHalimaFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00a Tent, a camping chair, a smile and some sugar A scrabble game, multimeters, breadboards, wires and random electronic components
CyploVillage:OctogenariansCyploThu Aug 30 17:00Mon Sep 3 12:00first aid kit, 25m 16A power cordage, tools
DancohenVillage:OctogenariansDanFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 22:00Screwdrivers, breadboard, raspberry pi, arduino, assorted electronics components that I've harvested over the years, maybe some old kids toys for circuit bending, soldering iron, multimeter, maybe some old broken shit that I can try to fix :)

will also bring a dnd starter kit and hopefully run a session

may also bring rum
ArticCyndaVillage:oliconArticCyndaFri Aug 31 13:30Mon Sep 3 18:00An air quality monitoring station and a very inappropriate sense of humor
HB9EGMVillage:OpendigitalradioMatthias P. BraendliThu Aug 30 15:00Mon Sep 3 12:00USRP B200
RashVillage:OpendigitalradiorashFri Aug 31 16:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Laptop, SDRs, licence, evil twin network, uSim cards and programmer, filters, 4 gang, mpb's flat ethernet cable, aerials.
M1PFSVillage:OpendigitalradioPeteFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 12:00HackRF, laptop, wired router, hand full of network cables, monitor with a HDMI input, portable speakers
TgoacherVillage:Owl CityTonyFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:002 x Kids Lasertag Equipment.
KeiranwdigitalVillage:Owl CityKeiranFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Me

Tent Extension cable 5m (for within the village) Gazebo (Hack Oldham branded) Camping table + 2 chairs 15m Mains hookup kit with 3 13A type outlets

25m extension
P0wellyVillage:Owl CityP0welly
CjdellVillage:Owl CityCjdellBBQ, big enough to share and associated equipment. Gazebo.
AngemalaVillage:Owl CityAngemalaFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Nespresso Machine A small child
CnorthwoodVillage:Owl CityCnorthwoodFri Aug 31 10:00Sun Sep 2 17:00
MattwestcottVillage:OxhackMatt WestcottZX Spectrums.
AndyCVillage:OxhackAndy C
SkylarmacdonaldVillage:POTS Sub-exchangeSkylar MacDonaldFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 12:30Beatrix and some DECT phones
MakotoVillage:POTS Sub-exchangemakotoThu Aug 30 21:00Mon Sep 3 12:00A small POTS sub-exchange consisting of: Cisco IAD2432-24FXS, 24 BT Sockets, 6*3-way terminal blocks, 305m cat5, a couple of phones. Probably some coffee. Motorola DP3/4xxx series programming leads and the latest copy of CPS for the hams :) (and firmwares if you've gone and bricked your handsets again since last year...)
FlacsVillage:POTS Sub-exchangeflacsThu Aug 30 21:00Mon Sep 3 12:00makoto, 2x hacked N3DS, hackable Switch incl. Joy-Con jig, Proxmark3 Rdv 4, OpenPCD2, Ubertooth One, Tomu (3x for sale), a few Wiimotes, probably some clothes too
DineleeeeeVillage:PuzzlersSam DineleyThu Aug 30 16:00Sun Sep 2 0:00My Tent, GoPro Timelapse camera, LED Umbrella, cables, etc
ColdridjVillage:PuzzlersColdridjThu Aug 30 0:00Sat Sep 1 0:00Stardome. Lighting. 16A cabling. Fridge. Board games. Various installations.
Kmz31Village:PuzzlersKmz31Fri Aug 31 7:00Sun Sep 2 13:00
Eko2Village:PuzzlersIanThu Aug 30 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Myself, tent, computer
AubergeneVillage:PuzzlersJulian BurgessSat Sep 1 13:00Sun Sep 2 19:00Roland DXY1200 Plotter
BrittharrVillage:PuzzlersBrittany HarrisSat Sep 1 13:00Sun Sep 2 19:00Tent, baked goods.
JVillage:PuzzlersJonThu Aug 30 0:00Fri Feb 9 0:00Way too much
DocOcassiVillage:Scottish ConsulateDocOcassiThu Aug 30 15:00Sat Jun 2 12:00Van, Tents, Eggs, and More, (also probably Buckfast)
NickoVillage:Scottish ConsulateNickobacon rolls
DoismellburningVillage:SeriousCampKristian GlassFire
GhickmanVillage:SeriousCampGhickmanThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
MeshyVillage:SeriousCampCharlie Denton
DrcjarVillage:SeriousCampCarl ReynoldsFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00Life
Je4dVillage:SeriousCampJeff SnyderThu Aug 30 21:45Mon Sep 3 9:00Whisky
SHH&MVillage:Sheffield HackspaceSheffield HackspaceWed Aug 29 0:00Tue Sep 4 0:00
ScullenVillage:Sheffield HackspaceSCullenWed Aug 29 0:00Mon Aug 27 0:00Curiosity
Martin WVillage:Sheffield HackspaceMartin WassThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
MboothVillage:Sheffield HackspacemboothCake. Kettle and tea-making supplies.
InversesandwichVillage:SHMNathanThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Coffee, lockpicks, DECT handset, network switch, CAT6, tools
MikeBookhamVillage:SHMMikeBookhamThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00T25 Syncro campervan with awning. Work Light (2430 Lumens). DECT handset.
CylindricVillage:SHMCylindricFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Sep 2 0:00
AndrewPatienceVillage:SHMAndrew PatienceGeodesic Dome, Flag Pole.
UnknowndomainVillage:South London MakerspaceTom LynchWed Aug 29 16:00Mon Sep 3 17:00
Electric Van ManVillage:South London MakerspaceElectric Van ManFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 12:00
Tswsl1989Village:Swansea HackspaceTom LakeFri Aug 31 10:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Blinking lights!
EclipseVillage:Swansea HackspaceTim Clark
Pe5erVillage:Swansea HackspacePeter Barnes M0SWNVHF Radio Station, Racing Drone, First Aid Kit!
ObriVillage:Swiss VillageObriMon Aug 27 23:00Mon Sep 3 7:00440W Solar power, 2.5kWH lifepo4 battery, LEDs, Soldering Stuff, Components.
Village:Team Alpaca
Tim BrownThu Aug 30 12:00Sat Sep 1 16:00@emfctf, @portcullislabs
ArronandirVillage:Team AlpacaArronThu Aug 30 18:00A tent, a drone and a camera. That's about it.
GeorgeVillage:Team AlpacaGeorgeThu Aug 30 0:00Tent, Fridge, and much beer
DogsbodyVillage:Team DogsbodyDan BentonFri Aug 31 9:00Sun Sep 2 21:00My team of sysadmins :-)
Jim CarterVillage:Team DogsbodyJim CarterFri Aug 31 11:00Sun Sep 2 20:00
SkippyVillage:The Disorganisation
Skippy3D Printer, Tea,
2xAAVillage:TermiTown2xAAThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
LonneyVillage:TermiTownLonneyFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Table, gas stove, cooking utensils, bug spray, sanitiser
SiddvVillage:TermiTownSiddvSun Sep 2 15:00Mon Sep 3 15:00
FahadsadahVillage:The DisorganisationFahadsadahThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
BinarykittenVillage:The DisorganisationBinarykittenThu Aug 30 17:00Mon Sep 3 10:00
CastawayVillage:The DisorganisationJessThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Tent, table, 3d printer, oven, camping fridge
TheorbtwoVillage:The DisorganisationTheorbtwoThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
MoliveVillage:The DisorganisationMoliveThu Aug 30 18:15Sun Sep 2 20:00SNES
MarkpVillage:The Hacking HamletMarkPThu Aug 30 9:00Mon Sep 3 12:00Van full of stuff
MatStaceVillage:The Hacking HamletMatStaceThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 11:00More than 2014, less than 2016. Maybe...
JonVillage:The Northern QuarterJonThu Aug 30 0:00Sat Aug 11 0:00Electric Longboard Philips DECT handset
FunksterVillage:The Northern QuarterFunksterFri Aug 31 10:00Mon Sep 3 10:001 x waif (me)

Personal camping gear

AlistairVillage:The Northern QuarterAlistair MacDonaldThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Some of the village (chairs, gazebos, tables, LED lighting, bunting). The PDT (Power Distribution Tent). A LoRaWAN station. Emergency chocolate.
HermanVillage:The Osso Family VillageHermanThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 12:00
RonaldVillage:The Osso Family VillageRonaldThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 12:00
UrthVillage:The Osso Family VillageHarm
Osso WendyVillage:The Osso Family VillageWendyThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 10:00
WalterVillage:The Osso Family VillageWalter+5Thu Aug 30 16:00Sun Sep 2 9:00
GordonendersbyVillage:Trowbridge Mens ShedGordon Endersby
GbamanVillage:Untitled CampersAndrew MulhollandFri Aug 31 18:00Sat Sep 1 13:00A whole stack of LEDs and coin cells for some light painting!
BfentimanVillage:Untitled CampersBethanie FentimanFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00
JthomascoopVillage:Untitled CampersJoseph ThomasSo much stuff
MetalboxoflogicVillage:Untitled CampersSam StuartFri Aug 31 0:00Sat Sep 1 0:00Me, myself and I. Bag and bare essentials
PhutchinsonVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsPhil HutchinsonThu Aug 30 21:00Sun Sep 2 18:002 x Tables

10 x Chairs

BBQ and Coals

Personal Camping Gear

Cross-stitch Kit
SnowdenVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsCallum SnowdenCamera kit, me, sleeping stuff, maybe rum?
UltrafezVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsAlex SilcockThu Aug 30 21:00
NavVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsJon Stockill
TimpinVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsTimpinThu Aug 30 16:00Mon Sep 3 10:00Car, personal camping gear, bits and pieces (electronics/arduino),
BuildTheRobotsVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsFliggWed Aug 29 0:00Wed Sep 5 0:00The Arcade. We're expecting over 40 real classic arcade machines :) Totally not bringing any IMSI catchers or anything like...
AdhordenVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsAdam D. HordenIEC 60309 cables 20M SY cable x2.

240V IEC 60309 distribution equipment with multiple RCBOs. SDR equipment. Festoon lighting. Tool bag. Tent.

Sleeping bag.
George82Village:Yorkshire and FriendsGeorge
HExVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsTom Hargreaves
Sam99Village:Yorkshire and FriendsSamson (prob only one )Thu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Me at the mo
Bob.stoneVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsBob StoneFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 12:00
AmpiiVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsAimeeFri Aug 31 14:00Sun Sep 2 12:00Sunscreen
ChoffeeVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsJohn CooperFri Aug 24 14:00Mon Aug 27 12:00Towel
DanieljabaileyVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsDaniel BaileyFri Aug 31 0:00Sun Aug 26 0:00A tent
CmozVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsCmozFri Aug 31 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Good Times :D
OnlyhalfdoneVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsAndy CookFri Aug 31 12:00Sun Sep 2 20:0010 tables

30 chairs 9m x 6m marquee Pewter casting equipment

Stone moulds for above
Jediminer543Village:Yorkshire and FriendsBen Shute1xHuman (me) Probably Camping stuff
ThereminHeroVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsGreig StewartFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 10:00
FroggyVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsFroggyThu Aug 30 0:00Mon Sep 3 0:00Myself, glowy things, things that glow.
Alastair.reidVillage:Yorkshire and FriendsAlastair ReidFri Aug 31 12:00Mon Sep 3 9:00Tent Coffee