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Description The One Ring Workshop
Contact [[Contact::[email address removed]|]][email address removed]
Activities artisanal goldsmithing
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Relevant interests
Art, Ceramics, Cider, Coffee, Hugs, Juggling, Lockpicking, Tea
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Mobile goldsmithing workshop in and around a red firetruck, We (you!) will make a nice faceted silver ring from scratch, all basic steps from the first year of the goldsmithing school are involved in this process. Your unique smiting style will show itself in the finished ring, hence The One Ring :) Duration: about… 1,5 to 2 hours, sometimes quicker or longer. Take as long as you like, in between talks and other adventures :) We don’t use timeslots: not necessary as everybody takes their own time, just pop in anytime you like. No skillz required except you have to be at least 10+ yrs. Learning metalworking techniques design, skills, and more, check out ( Contact us for special wishes )

Also bringing; poffertjes and poffertjespan, the Almighthy Great Wok, Cheese for Cheesebits @thefoodhackingbase

Help yourself to a Zen moment and make some coffee on the rocketstove, we'll bring coffee again =]