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Village Board Gamers, Puzzlers
Arrival 2018/08/31 10:00
Departure 2018/09/02 22:00
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Twitter @EnclaveGOD
Games, Lockpicking, Maths, Physics

Hi, I'm Ric. Never been to EMF before, but am really looking forward to being part of the general geekery. Board Gamer, PC gamer, LARPer, M:tG Player. I'm a builder, but generally tuck boxes and similar things out of paper. I'm an amateur lock picker, and hope to pick up some more skills on that front. I teach GCSE and A-Level Computer Science.

Also joining me for the first time will be my husband Dratz. He very much tends towards console and PC gaming rather than my boards or cards. He'll put his hands to many things creative, including painting, and playing the piano. Also a LARPer, which is where we met.

We're both based out the Brighton area of Sussex.