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Village CampHolland
Bringing Lvl:4 entropy and correspondence
Arrival 2016/07/31 23:59
Departure 2019/07/31 23:13
IRC Freenode, EVE, OFTC
Board Games, Robotics

At a young age, I started disassembling computers and other electronic devices, and 60% success rate to put them back together in a working condition. You can image my parents were very happy. 7 years ago I had enough of the blue screen of death from Windows and switch into Linux. I like to think outside the box(or I like to think I'm thinking outside the box but maybe I'm just a cat), finding new solutions and challenges are my hobby(or well, they find me) I like to organise stuff and fluffs like I was SHA2017 core-orga (PL), several years of CCC winter and summer editions participant and volunteer, Perl Mongers meeting and Workshop orga etc... etc... In my free time(?) I like reading (known and unknown sci-fi, fantasy). I'm a rapidly developing newbie to silat and kali. You can talk to me in English, Dutch or Hungarian (You never can be sure which language I gonna answer, life is full of fun). I play EVE-online and working on an RPG version of it non-officially (it's just a tiny bit complex problem). (Long live Minmatar!)