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Village POTS Sub-exchange
Bringing A small POTS sub-exchange consisting of: Cisco IAD2432-24FXS, 24 BT Sockets, 6*3-way terminal blocks, 305m cat5, a couple of phones. Probably some coffee. Motorola DP3/4xxx series programming leads and the latest copy of CPS for the hams :) (and firmwares if you've gone and bricked your handsets again since last year...)
Arrival 2018/08/30 21:00
Departure 2018/09/03 12:00
Email mak0*removethisidontlikespam*
Twitter @0x47df
Coffee, Electronics, Hugs, Mechanical Keyboards, Queer, Radio, Railways, radio

Can be found wearing a black hi-vis reading "TELECOMS", probably with a buttset, and a Motorola DP4800 radio with a purple antenna. Also purple hair. Does not bite when appropriately caffeinated, and can make wired telephones happen.

Can be contacted for POTS Sub-exchange related matters on 01483 347032 (forwarder to mobile, best for use in an emergency), or onsite on 2170(DECT) or 2169 (POTS).