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Sam Dineley

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Bringing My Tent, GoPro Timelapse camera, LED Umbrella, cables, etc
Arrival 2018/08/30 16:00
Departure 2018/09/02
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IRC dineleeeee
Twitter @dineleeeee
Facebook sam.dineley
Badge, Beer, Board Games, Burning, Cider, Coffee, Electronics, Games, Hugs, IoT, Lockpicking, Maths, Open Source Software, Photography, Physics, Radio, Railways, Raspberry Pi, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Tea, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Water Towers

This is my first time attending EMF, so go easy on me!

I mostly fix things (I'm the Infrastructure Manager for a small software company in Bristol), but sometimes I get the soldering iron out and make electronic things. I'm not great at programming, but I can copy and paste from StackOverflow!

I like recording timelapses (a few are uploaded on my youtube playlist and if my GoPro behaves I'll try and record one of the whole EMFcamp weekend (photos every 30 seconds, over a 72 hour period)