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Skylar MacDonald
Talk ~ Sandbox ~ Contributions
Village POTS Sub-exchange
Bringing Beatrix and some DECT phones
Arrival 2018/08/31
Departure 2018/09/03 12:30
IRC skylar@freenode
Twitter @helloiamskylar
Anarchism, Badge, Board Games, Coffee, Disability, EMV Contactless Payments, Electronics, Hats, Hugs, Maths, Music, Radio, Railways, Robotics, Role-Playing Games, Rust (Fe2O3), Sarcasm (vicious), Telecoms, Video

I am extension 2759 because 759 spells SKY and 2 is a number

I am Extremely Online™ and also I work for the London Ambulance Service when I'm not writing terrible code

Ask me about television, ambulances, or why programmers are bad at handling names

Usually found within range of my fiancée