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This is what should be being output:

 Village LocationVillage DescriptionImage
Village:2600Village targeted at the global 2600 member base.
Village:404campers not found
Village:AlgoDorkAlgorave + Dorkbot collaboration. The actual algo-dork marquee will be set up further south so we won't be too noisy!
Village:Amateur RadioHam radio at its finest.
Village:BigHak support crewHitchin Hackspace members, who are BigHak wranglers for the weekend.
Village:Bristol HackspaceBristol Hackspace and friends.
Village:Build BrightonMaker space for anything that you can think off
Village:BurnersA village for Burners (as in Burning Man, Nowhere, Nest, AfrikaBurn) and those who are burn-curious.
Village:Cambridge MakespaceCambridge Makespace's Village
Village:Camp ChaosThis camp is inhabited by the Chaosbunny and friends. Be awesome.
Village:Camp HollandYour favourite Dutch people bringing some stroopwafels and air horns you'll hear across the channel.
Village:Camp UKNOFA place for UKNOF fans and friends who are (who'd a thought it?) not part of the EMF NOC team and would like somewhere to call 'home'
Village:Cardiff HackspaceCardiff Hackspace will be here
Village:CCCChaos Computer Club and friends
Village:Cheltenham HackspaceThe hackspace in Cheltenham.
Village:CodebarVillage for code bar mentors and attendees UK wide
Village:CRTCThe CRTC demo group
Village:Digital PlottersPeople plotting for a better country / government / world
Village:Edinburgh HacklabEdinburgh Hacklab and friends.
Village:Enter-tent-mentA village with a selection of tent-based entertainment. Karaoke tent guaranteed. Cohabited by the HHEU community.
Village:Fablab CampThere be lasercutting & stuff...
Village:Gold Members LoungeExclusive village for Gold Members only
Village:HABvilleWe launch balloons, rockets, buoys, and stuff!
Village:HackbasesLive-in Hacker Spaces
Village:Haxors of the rosesA village for all those northerners that are represented by a rose.
Village:Hx3lounge organisers and renegades
Village:Irish EmbassyA place for Irish Hackers and friends of Ireland to call home during EMF Camp
Village:LockpickingLockpicking Village
Village:London AerospaceLondon Aerospace is London's largest drone building and racing community. Meetings regularly at London Hackspace, and flying in locations around London and the surrounding area.
Village:Maidstone HackspaceVillage for members and friends of maidstone hackspace
Village:Make. Invent. DoMicrosoft village. Fun technology activities for all levels. Featuring Microbit, virtual assistant building, IoT device cloud connectivity and micro-sumo robots.
Village:Millers HollowMiller's Hollow is a village plagued by Werewolves.
Village:MilliwaysThe restaurant at the end of the universe
Village:MK MakerspaceMilton Keynes Makerspace
Village:MooseBunch of geeks sharing a story about moose (or possibly meese)
Village:Musical BallpitNot actually a village, but a musical ballpit!
Village:NADHackA village for members and friends of the Newbury and District Hackspace.
Village:NEVER TOO MUCH BUNTINGCamp for members of Monochrome BBS, along with friends and guests.
Village:NexmoFriends of Nexmo, we'll be hacking around on the badges from our small marquee so come by to chat with us about all things messaging and grab a drink. Look for the Blue Nexmo flags
Village:NottinghackAll the awesome - right here
Village:Open Data VillageODI-affiliated people, mostly
Village:Oxford HackspaceInhabitants, friends, octopuses and moomins of Oxford Hackspace
Village:Reading Minecraft VillageA bunch of friends from Reading Berks, Reserving a joint spot on the lawn at Guildford.
Village:RLab (Reading Hackspace)Friends, members and frequenters of Reading Hackspace.
Village:SawuGo, the One Ring workshopSawuGoThe one Ring, goldsmithing a silver or a golden ring, with a nice shiney look, making jewellery goldsmithing/forging a silver or golden ring from a piece of (silver or gold)metal, with a nice hammered and faceted look, using ancient goldsmithing techniques enjoy some time in the fully equiped mobile goldsmith workshop
Village:Scottish ConsulateSweary, Scottish kilt wearing enthusiasts, buckfast drinkers and deep fried food afficionados.
Village:SHHandMSheffield Hackspace
Village:SHMSurrey and Hampshire Makerspace - camping out in our own back garden.
Village:Smart Earth NetworkSmart Earth Network A social enterprise looking for tech talent to help save the natural world.
Village:South London MakerspaceThis village is for Members of South London Makerspace.
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