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We use task tracking software to keep track of our work and our progress. This allows us to work on many things at the same time without getting lost, and to document our work in a way that others can easily contribute. It also massively simplifies handovers.

For most work this happens on Lighthouse, while anything relating to software development happens on our Github account.

  • UPDATE: we are past the Lighthouse account limit, are now exploring other options. This may end up getting managed on a per-team basis. Jasper also set up a Redmine instance at


General Tasks: Lighthouse

Our Lighthouse task tracker mirrors the team structure: one project per team. There's also a "Misc" project for any work that doesn't yet have a full team behind it.

Our Lighthouse site is at:

Useful links in Lighthouse:

Filing tasks

At minimum a task in Lighthouse (or the Github issue tracker) should contain:

  • A good title. This should summarise the work succinctly. A good title is: "Prepare payment system for ticket pre-sales."
  • A description of the task. This should not prescribe how to get the work done, but focus on what there is to do, including any necessary context.
  • An assignee (or owner) for the task.

Any additional information (suggestions for good approaches, progress reports etc) should be added as comments later.

Creating a new project

If your team doesn't have a project set up yet:

  • Create a new project
  • Set a default assignee (so that tasks don't accidentally get dropped), e.g. one of your team contacts
  • Certain projects should be made private: anything that involves other people's personal data, vendor prices, or any other sensitive information.

Software Development

For software development we use Github and their task tracker.

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