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This page refers to the orga telephone system. Looking for information about the DECT network?


Team:NOC operates a telephony system for use both prior to and during the event.

External numbers are implemented upstream at Sargasso. Some of them switch on-site during the event, although many (notably first aid) remain directly routed at the carrier for reliability.

On site we will again have an Asterisk-based phone system for orga use. This year this will be expanded to include all orga and volunteer locations.


DDI 2018 Allocation 2014 Purpose 2016 Purpose
01908 870900 Info desk (1001)
01908 870901 Info desk (1001) Info desk Info desk
01908 870902 Logistics (HQ & Logistics tents) (1002) HQ Logistics
01908 870903 Currently davidc (will be: NOC) (1003) NOC NOC
01908 870904 Site Manager (routed to mobile at carrier/maybe fallthrough to HQ) (1004)
01908 870905
01908 870906 Presently unused Unused Volunteers desk
01908 870907 Presently unused Volunteer team leads Volunteer team leads
01908 870908 First Aid tent (1201) First Aid tent First Aid tent
01908 870909 First Aid mobiles, tent and DECT (1009) First Aid on-call First Aid on-call
01908 870910 Comms team Unused Comms team leads
01908 870911 Green Room (1181) Unused Green Room
01908 870912 Conduct Unused Accessibility & Conduct
01908 870913 Bar manager Unused Bar manager
01908 870914
01908 870915
01908 870916
01908 870917
01908 870918 Accounts (Presently Russ's mobile) Unused Unused
01908 870919 Sponsors (Presently Jonty's mobile) Unused Sponsors

Hunt Groups



NOC and HQ phones will have direct outbound capability on the basis that they will be manned 24/7.

Other phones, including stage phones and participant registered extensions, will not be able to call outbound except with a PIN. A PIN will be e-mailed to everyone on the admin list the week prior to the event.

999 - Location has been set and 999 will be available from every phone, however given our network setup, it is strongly recommended that emergency calls are done by mobile phone if reception permits.