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The Phone Operation Center (powered by Eventphone) will be present at the EMF Camp this year with a mobile DECT system and phone infrastructure.

After setting up many base stations most of the EMF is covered by DECT mobile telephony reception.

You can bring your own DECT phone and register it at the EMF. So you will be able to call other EMF participants for free.

Use the DECT Phone Compatibility List to find out if a phone is known as definitely working or definitely not working.

This year will be the first EMF with Eventphone.


To secure your personal extension in advance please signup and register your DECT/SIP/GSM extension here.


For External Dial In you have 2 options;

Callers can dial 07520 660 900, you will then get dialtone and can dial any number as if you were on site (no external access to dial back out though!)

If you would like to have your own direct dial number we can offer this with the help of our sponsor Nexmo

  1. ) If you don't already have one signup for an account at
  2. ) In your account dashboard add the coupon code CFMEAC18
  3. ) Now purchase a number in your desired country
  4. ) Configure the Voice setting for that number as `Forward to SIP` at [YOUR EXTENSION]


You can dial external numbers in UK, USA and Europe, If you need another country opened up please come and see us in the Badge Tent.

UK Numbers can be dialed in their regular national format eg 07700 900000.

International numbers can be dialled with a + or 00 prefix followed by the international number, eg for the USA +1 212 555 1212 or 001 212 555 1212

Optionally you can prefix external numbers with a 9 if you like that sort of thing.


If you've brought along a DECT phone then you can add it to the site wide DECT network that [Eventphone] are bringing with them.

To do so, follow these steps:

1. Sign up for an account at - the login/signup button is the non-obvious arrow pointing at a square in the top right.

2. Select "My Extensions" and then "Add Extension", then "Add Extension for Electromagnetic Field 2018"

3. Select "DECT Handset" as the type, and then fill in the other details.

4. You should now see your extension listed under "My Extensions".

5. Find the "Register" option in your phone's menus. This varies between models, so you'll have to find it yourself.

6. Once your phone is registered with the network, click the key icon next to your extension and call the number listed.

7. You're now on the event phone network!

DECT Notes

If you're prompted for a base-station PIN try 0000

I had to scan for basestations twice on a number of phones (Gigaset C430) before I could register.


SIP Server-Settings
 Authentication Realm:
 Username:             Your SIP number

Password: look it up in the [GenericUserRegistrationUtility3] (Guru3)\\ (Menu->My Extensions->key icon of your VoIP number)

Hint: Extensions are being installed automatically every few minutes during the event. Please wait a few minutes after creating your SIP extension.

All DECT-phones and other extensions are reachable via sip:[email address removed]


For a list of SIP Software Clients, please refer to



All attendees will get one SIM with their badge courtesy of Hologram This will work with the on site network during camp for Voice and SMS. After camp you can register the SIM with hologram and use it as an IoT sim for SMS & Data.

If you need an additional SIM please come to the badge tent and ask, we have a limted additional stock so we might ask what you require a 2nd one for.

To use your badge after the event be sure to visit to activate the included SIM card. Activating the SIM card unlocks access to roam on Hologram's global cellular network. As a bonus Hologram has provided a $20 credit for each attendee. Use promo code 'EMF2018' when picking a cellular plan."


We are aiming to provide the best coverage we can, however we only have 16 GSM base stations and these are running at very low power, signal inside things like temporary buildings may well be weak. We are hoping to post a coverage map here once the network is installed. This is the first time we have run this setup on this kind of scale therefore we will be optimising it as best we can across the weekend.

The proposed locations and CellID's of each BTS is as follows: (Note: this may change once we get on site to install them)

3 1 101 871 X1
4 1 102 872 D1
5 1 103 873 F3
6 1 104 874 First Aid
7 1 105 875 E2
8 1 106 876 Stage A
9 1 107 877 C1
10 1 108 878 Bar2
11 1 109 879 Bar
12 1 110 880 Badge
13 1 111 881 Stage B
14 1 112 882 NOC
15 1 113 883 A2
16 1 114 884 L2
17 1 115 885 Stage C
18 1 116 870 G1


At present the GSM system does not support the handover of an active call, so if you are on the phone STAND STILL! if you go too far from the base station you started the call on it will likely drop. We hope to work further on this but it may well require additional hardware.

After EMF

If you don't need your DECT phone anymore after EMF consider giving it to the POC for organizing future events.


Between Events you can still be connected to us. Register a Number in our EPVPN.

Special numbers

Number Function
2088 labyrinth
8123 PoC menu
8124 music/lorem ipsum
6283 Mate-O-Meter
8463 Time
8666 Special Services
8888 Mailbox