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The internet connection, on-site network, and all systems administration.
Lead(s) Davidc
This team needs volunteers
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Contact noc at our domain
Mailing List noc at lists dot our domain

What do we do?

Hi! We are Team NOC. We operate the onsite network and wifi, the public and private telephony systems and the onsite-servers including the speaker Content Server.

Orga requests for VMs

E-mail the noc with the following details:

  • Hostname (under
  • vCPUs
  • RAM
  • Disk (please be conservative, we don't have a huge amount)

If you need us to install the OS, specify the distribution and version. Otherwise we'll send you the login details to install it yourself and we'll supply the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to use.

The DNS servers are:

  • 2a05:e201:0:57::11
  • 2a05:e201:0:57::12

The NTP servers are the same.

Please be sure to install VMware tools or open-vm-tools.

Team members

AK47AK4726 August 2018 20:00:004 September 2018 10:00:00
AsbjornAsbjørn29 August 2018 10:00:003 September 2018 12:00:00
Davidcdavidc23 August 2018 20:00:005 September 2018 14:00:00
ElectronicsLaurie27 August 2018 14:00:004 September 2018 17:00:00
JamieJamie Scott
JasperWallaceJasper Wallace24 August 2018 12:00:006 September 2018 12:00:00
MscroggsMatt Scroggs28 August 2018 11:30:003 September 2018 18:00:00
NetsmurfNetsmurf25 August 2018 14:00:004 September 2018 18:00:00
NicoduckNico29 August 2018 18:00:001 September 2018 19:00:00
RussRuss23 August 2018 19:00:006 September 2018 12:00:00
Willb97Will Barber29 August 2018 10:00:005 September 2018 12:00:00
Will-hWill Hargrave31 August 201631 August 2020

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We need people to help with

  • Servers - puppet, services (DHCP, DNS, NTP), monitoring (graphite, librenms, icinga2)