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From Bookchin to Goldman. We are interested in building a better world with the help of technology...
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EMF Camp 2018 Meetup

We shall be meeting at 13:00 outside the Scottish Consulate. Hope to see you there! (^.^)/

What is Anarchism?

Anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates self-governed societies based on voluntary and non-hierarchical institutions. We are against the capitalist economic system and seek to build alternate anti-authoritarian structures in order to move towards a society free from oppression and exploitation and instead based on principles of co-operation and mutual aid.

What are we interested in?

  • Free/Libre Software
  • Workers co-operatives
  • Grassroots union organising
  • Feminism/Queerness
  • Ecology
  • Solarpunk
  • Mutual Aid
  • Decentralised infrastructure

What will we be doing at EMF 2018?

Hopefully we can hold some sort of meetup and have an open discussion about topics that interest us and meet each other.