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Arrival 2018/08/28
Departure 2018/09/03
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Twitter @stephiewunder
Anarchism, Art, Board Games, Coffee, Decentralization, Democracy, Games, Music, Open Source Software, Queer, Role-Playing Games, Sarcasm (vicious), secure scuttlebutt

social hacking, developing alternate reality games, art and context hacking, conceptual thinking, situation design, happenings & gatherings.

decentralize all the things. in particular: protest, sustainable and self determined communities everywhere.

thinking about/ on my way to learn: empowering language and design for open source software to connect hacking and non hacking creatures, conceptual art in crypto currency and community currencies for alternative economics, awareness concepts - deescalating, transformative and caring conflict management, co-creation tools, processes, methods, how to change the world with meme magic and activating narratives, how to prepare self organization/ "bottom up project management", cooking for the many at emf camp.

what I know: the more rules you give, the less thinking you get. its all about communication.

what I'm happy to teach: how language creates power structures and reality: "the human is riding the horse" vs. "the horse is allowing the human to sit on his back while running".

past and actual projects: the game parlour, there is no game (c3), komona (c3), decentralized skill&idea sharing plattform built with secure scuttlebutt.