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A list of all pages that have property "Bringing" with value "People and stuff and things". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • User:Keiranwdigital  + (Me Tent Extension cable 5m (for within the village) Gazebo (Hack Oldham branded) Camping table + 2 chairs 15m Mains hookup kit with 3 13A type outlets 25m extension)
  • User:Sproet  + (Mobile Goldsmithing workshop. A Mercedes 409 1980 red firetruck. It's real :) Ceramic mugs, Sublimation Printer & Mug Press. ArteMie Art mugs. Strong homemade cider. Juggling balls.)
  • User:Ceeceeful  + (More information about measurement error than you ever wanted to know.)
  • User:MatStace  + (More than 2014, less than 2016. Maybe...)
  • User:Footleg  + (My 2 kids, a big tent and some little robots. A Pi-top and my coding mentoring skills.)
  • User:Venator  + (myself)
  • User:Jonwood  + (Myself, a laptop, several Raspberry Pis, and whatever random IoT kit we're testing at work that week, and an assortment of board games.)
  • User:Murble  + (myself, Eoin)
  • User:Froggy  + (Myself, glowy things, things that glow.)
  • User:GeekyTim  + (Myself! Got to think of something that won't embarrass me. Which I suppose excludes me from bringing myself.)
  • User:Mich181189  + (Myself, maybe a bit of radio gear, maybe just possibly some electronics)
  • User:AilaG  + (Myself, my partner (also a maker), not much else as I'm travelling from abroad but it's the thought that $count++;s.)
  • User:Eko2  + (Myself, tent, computer)
  • User:Dogsbody  + (My team of sysadmins :-))
  • User:Dineleeeee  + (My Tent, GoPro Timelapse camera, LED Umbrella, cables, etc)
  • User:Tkerby  + (My wife, Stephanie, for our first wedding anniversary. Also some radio and LoraWAN gear.)
  • User:Angemala  + (Nespresso Machine A small child)
  • User:Seanelvidge  + (News of the weather in space (& coffee))
  • User:Bob  + (non-waterproof shelter, 6ft table, bench, braai, sound system, projector, generic tools, soldering station, arduino's, generic electronics)
  • User:MartinG  + (Not sure yet)
  • User:Ben.fitzgerald  + (Not sure yet - have some good ideas but will see what I can arrange.)
  • User:Grajohnt  + (Not sure yet, other than curiosity and a willingness to learn)
  • User:Sasha  + (Odroid XU4, Odroid C2, PMR radios, FR24 gear)
  • User:W1bble  + ($offspring1)
  • User:MattGoody  + (One Night Werewolf + Expansion)
  • User:Russell  + (Personal electric Vehicle Massive Diesel Powered Motorcycle)
  • User:Clefty  + (Pizza Oven, Cheese, Motorbike)
  • User:Steve  + (Point of sale system for the bars)
  • User:Jennyb14204  + (Portsdown Tx, Minitiouner Rx, FT897, LimeSDR Mini, Antennas)
  • User:Trickeydan  + (Probably some network stuff)
  • User:Tbrb  + (Python. Containers.)
  • User:DomCleal  + (Radio + portable contesting equipment)
  • User:Tryst  + (Radios, big FO mast, hooch, kilt)
  • User:Eastabrooka  + (Remote Controlled Seat. Remote Controlled Car. Hammock. Cider. Chill.)
  • User:Semach.the.monkey  + (Retro Computer Goodness)
  • User:Dan  + (Robots, tools, misc and other.)
  • User:Aubergene  + (Roland DXY1200 Plotter)
  • User:Basil  + (Routing loops, BGP speakers)
  • User:AdamJ  + (Running Gear, Birding Gear, Free Advice, Enthusiasm)
  • User:Davel  + (Scones, clotted cream.)
  • User:Dancohen  + (Screwdrivers, breadboard, raspberry pi, ar â€Ļ Screwdrivers, breadboard, raspberry pi, arduino, assorted electronics components that I've harvested over the years, maybe some old kids toys for circuit bending, soldering iron, multimeter, maybe some old broken shit that I can try to fix :)</br></br>will also bring a dnd starter kit and hopefully run a session</br></br>may also bring rumopefully run a session may also bring rum)
  • User:Electrokitty  + (SDR, logic analyser, basic soldering equipment, IoT stuff)
  • User:Estuans  + (SDRs, Rotary Telephones, Film Cameras. Maybe a weather station)
  • User:Pingless  + (Secret Hitler)
  • User:JosephRowlands  + (Secret Hitler (Low-Fi PDF version))
  • User:TechnomadicJim  + (Self.)
  • User:Poggs  + (Self, Bad puns, Cameras)
  • User:Eth  + (Self, probably coffee.)
  • User:Scally  + (Shade structure (non-waterproof), sound system (small, tbc), wellies (remind me to buy some!))
  • User:Pinski1  + (Sinclair C5, Hacky Racer vehicle, Misc robots.)