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Add contact details and your location here if you'd like to find people willing to offer a lift.

Assume that anyone providing lifts will expect a contribution towards travel costs unless otherwise arranged.

  • User:espero is looking for a lift (two sons, one big bag + backpacks) to Heathrow for noon on Monday
  • Niels is looking for a lift from Gatwick on Thursday around noon; could share a cab
  • Aljaž is looking for a lift from Gatwick on Thursday in the late evening, (i'm touching down at 22:50). I'm traveling light (like a photon). I have two backpacks.
  • User:Alecjw is hitching to .nl after the camp but needs to get a tent and sleeping bag back up north. Would appreciate it if anyone's driving up to Glasgow or Edinburgh afterwards and doesn't mind taking some camping stuff back. I'd be able to pick it up some time around a week after.
  • User:dcht00 and User:HairyFotr are looking for a ride from London, ideally on evening of Thursday 4th
  • Aljaž is looking for a lift to Gatwick on Sunday in the late afternoon, (i have to be there at 19.00). I have two backpacks.
  • User:shane looking for a lift to Gatwick Airport for Monday. Need to be there for 11:30. Email me at if you have a lift, thanks!