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Add contact details and your itinerary here if you'd like to help people wanting a lift

  • User:sohalt Driving to EMF from Stuttgart,Germany with 2 free seats in the car.
    • Starting in the evening of 2016-08-04 in Stuttgart and leaving EMF on Monday morning
    • If interested write to emf@<myusername>.net
  • Jodi 1 seat free in a van
    • One way only - Approximately 10AM on Monday to St Margarets in London. (Zone 4).
    • Would appreciate some help loading the van (with mostly plastic balls)
    • Contact on IRC, Twitter or Gmail: Squirmelia.
  • DomCleal 1 free seat from Guildford or Farncombe to EMF
    • Thursday late afternoon/evening
    • Contact on IRC/email
  • Dave Harvey 1-2 free seats (depending on how much stuff you have) from anywhere along the M4 corridor between Swansea and EMF
    • There on Friday Morning and back on Monday Morning
    • Contact as dave at
  • Andrew Jenner 2 free seats, coming from North Cornwall (near Bude) via A361/M5/A358/A303/M3.
    • Friday morning (leaving ~8am, arriving ~noon) and returning Monday morning
    • Contact email andrew at reenigne dot org
  • Geoff Howell 3 free seats, coming from Southampton
    • Friday morning (leaving 10am, arriving 11am) and returning Monday morning
    • Contact via email
  • Adam McKissock 1 free seat, coming from Cheltenham Spa
    • Friday morning (leaving 8am-ish) and returning Monday morning
    • Contact via email me at adammckissock dot com