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EMF is volunteer run and wouldn't be possible without a vast army of volunteers keeping the whole event running.

The signup system is now open and you can select from the following roles that you're interested in. You can change this at any time.

Before you first shift you have to read the safeguarding and info pages.

Badge Helper

Fix, replace and troubleshoot badges and their software.


Help run the bar. Serve drinks, take payment, keep it clean.

Car Parking

Help park cars and get people on/off site.


Help our excellent catering team provide food for all the volunteers.

Entrance Steward

Greet people, check their tickets and help them get on site.

Green Room

Make sure speakers get where they need to be with what they need.


Introduce talks and manage speakers at stage.

Info Desk

Be a point of contact for attendees. Either helping with finding things or just getting an idea for what's on


Site Logistics and deliveries


Plug/Unplug DKs

Stage: Audio/Visual

Run the audio for a stage. Make sure mics are working and that presentations work.

Stage: Camera Operator

Point, focus and expose the camera, then lock off shot and monitor it.

Stage: Vision Mixer

Vision mix the output to screen and to stream.

Tent Steward

Check the various tents (e.g. Arcade, Lounge, Spillout) are clean and everything's OK.

Volunteer Manager

Help people sign up for volunteering. Make sure they know where to go. Run admin on the volunteer system.

Youth Workshop Helper

Help support our youth workshop leaders