Sunday- Two Rooms and a Boom

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Stage A: Two Rooms and a Boom
Location Village:Board Gamers
Start 2018/09/02 21:30
End 2018/09/02 22:30
Organiser Pez

Unlike our other games, Meet at Stage A

Two rooms and a boom is a social deduction game, full hidden roles and deduction, for large groups (10+ players). Players are divided into 2 different rooms, from that point, find your teammates, establish trust, and exchange hostages before time runs out and the bomb explodes! It's the party game that's always a blast.

The board gamers village is organising a few rounds of two rooms and a boom, this one is at 11am on Sunday, keep an eye on our schedule as that's subject to change depending on the event schedule. It lasts roughly 15 minutes per game (plus 5 minutes of rules) and we'll likely play two games.