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We intend to have an Analogue FM and DMR 'Gateway' on site. These will be bridged together, allowing analogue and DMR users to communicate. The gateways will also be linked to various RF and RoIP based networks, allowing amateurs around the world to connect the onsite gateways and chat with attendees.

The system is already live and accepting connections from the various networks, so attendees can get to know each other and start planning for EMF 2018. Please note, the system is still being tested, so there may be the occasional blip.

For more information visit the EMF Hub Webpage

Connecting the EMF Hub Remotely

Currently Supported

You can connect to the EMF Hub using several methods listed below. If you'd like to connect via a different method, please let us know.

As the system is linked to other RF based systems, an Amateur Radio License is required to transmit on the system.

Note: Whilst we are in the testing phase, connection methods are subject to change!


Echolink is a well established Radio over IP (RoIP) system for linking RF repeaters and gateways to the Echolink software applications, available on most operating systems.

To connect via Echolink, connect to Node 2E0SIP-L (986046)


AllStar is another RoIP system based on open source software, making it more flexible and 'hackable' compared to Echolink. The primary controller runs on AllStar.

To connect to the AllStar hub, connect to Node 47920.

DMR (Brandmeister)

DMR is a popular digital mode, and Brandmeister provide a global network that encourages cross linking and experimentation.

To connect via DMR, key up on TG 27273 via the Brandmiester Network.

Many thanks to Brandmeister Ireland for facilitating this connection.

International Radio Network (IRN)

IRN is another RoIP network based on the TeamSpeak application availble for most operating systems. Whilst IRN has no native RF support, its often linked to RF systems.

To connect via IRN, join the 'EMF Hub' room.

Online (Receive Only)

You can listen to the EMF Hub online Here. It's currently Rx only.


If you'd like to connect via SIP, let us know and we will setup the connection.

Potentially Supported

Fusion (YSF)

YSF is a reflector system for MMDVM powered repeaters and hotspots. Creating a reflector is trivial and there's no costs involved, but so far there's no demand. If you want a YSF reflector, let me know and I will get it added.

Fusion (Wires X)

Wires X is the proprietary network provided by Yaesu for Fusion radios. Due to its closed nature, the only way to bridge from the Hub to Wires X is via FM into a Yaesu rig with Fusion support. If you're desperate to use Wires X and would like to host the link, please get in touch.


Adding D-Star support will require approximately £200-300 in additional hardware in order to transcode the codecs involved. If you want to purchase and host the required hardware, please get in touch.


If there's another mode or service you'd like supported, please get in touch.