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Dreamcatcher, the EMF Puzzlehunt

The Professor is dead, her laboratory has been ransacked, her PhD students are accusing each other of murder, and something is watching from the other side of the Dreamcatcher...

Professor Alia Gold had a dream: to build the world's first truly imaginative machine. But for reasons unknown, just before her death, she split her research into ten fragments and hid them all around the EMF campsite.

Your quest: to retrieve all ten shards - and solve the mystery of her death... but watch out. Nothing is as it seems, and your choices may affect the very course of human history.

What is this?

It's a puzzlehunt. Think of it as a cross between a treasure hunt, an escape room, and a piece of interactive theatre.

Inspired by EMF 2018's theme of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Privacy, Dreamcatcher is a science-fiction thriller where you are the protagonist. You'll need to use every bit of your brain to investigate, discover, and solve.

How do I play?

Before she died the Professor split her work into ten pieces: ten shards which have been hidden across the EMF campsite. You'll need an eagle eye to spot them and your best puzzle-solving skills to recover all ten.

Start by investigating the scene of the crime: the Professor's workshop, where she was found dead this morning. Find it in the Cybar area of the camp.

It's unknown where the shards ended up, but eyewitnesses report seeing some sort of mysterious contraption marking the spot where they have been concealed. These contraptions vary in appearance but have a superficial resemblance to a dreamcatcher...


We are based in a shipping container in the Null Sector area of the campsite.


We will be running roughly from Friday midday until Sunday early afternoon.

More information

See https://dreamcatcherpuzzle.xyz