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Ten Yen
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Village Holistic Howlers
Arrival 2018/08/28 13:37
Departure 2018/09/04 13:37
IRC tenyen@freenode
Twitter @tenyen
Anarchism, Art, Chinese food, Cider, Coffee, Cycling, Decentralization, Estonian E-Residency, Fediverse, Light, Lockpicking, Mechanical Keyboards, Open Source Software, Tea, Water Towers

Dect: 4410 SIP: 4411

Vodafone burner for the fortnight should be active by the late evening of 22nd August: +44 758 404 0050. will reply from the "usual" giff-gaff or EE number....#scan4it ;)

  • Currently* refusing to pay the "going rate" for a train ticket to/from the site...

not *massively* looking forward to cycle, but also like playing motivational-chicken with the adventurous side of my personality... So if you can offer me a lift, ticket, hot-tip, voucher, c0de or whatever I'm (under the hoodie, literally...) all ears... ;)