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Making sure the site looks awesome, day and night!
Lead(s) Morag
This team needs volunteers
Contact [email address removed]

Sketch showing a sign and minimap by day
Sketch showing a sign and minimap by night
Prototype CyberBunting!
Basic test sign and CyberGubbins sample

We have a theme for this year’s site decorations - cardboard cyberpunk! Let loose your inner child and join in to build the coolest cyberpunk scenery, using cardboard boxes, sheet and tubes, sharpies and fluorescent paints.

By day it’ll be a silly, nerdy, hand-crafted extravaganza, but once the sun goes down, UV spots will turn it into a tron-like world of cyber-mystery.

The key ideas here are to use cheap, low-impact materials and accessible, hands-on techniques. Ideally, the more people we can get contributing cardboard devices and decorations the better the site will look.

We’re also looking for more involved help with various aspects of the decoration - see below for specifics, or send an email to [email address removed] - we’re all volunteers here and it would be great to hear from you.

Help Wanted

Make A Letter/Number For The EMF Sign

From Anywhere // Deliver To Site By End Thursday 30th August

Just like in Hollywood, we want you all to know where you are, and we’ve got just the hillside to put a giant “EMF2018” sign on. We can do better than plain white though, so design and build something for us! This is an excellent opportunity to show off your creative skills and make something that’ll be seen from across the site. Each letter should be sized to fit on a standard plywood sheet (1220mm x 2440mm). We’ll be building the supports and can light it or supply power if necessary. If you’d like to contribute a character, please get in touch! We’d love to see what you come up with.

Screen Printing Day

London // Some Time In July/August

We need flags. Lots of flags. These flappy decorations really add to the festive atmosphere, but they need to be branded with the EMF logo. We’d really appreciate someone with screen printing experience and/or equipment to lead a work party to get these made.

Lighting And Light Installations

Remote during prep, during setup on site, dates TBD

The site needs to look awesome day AND night, and for that we need lighting. In particular, we have two lounges and a bar to light, along with plenty of trees and even a few ponds, if that inspires you. We have some budget, we have some ideas, but we’d love you to help us making it happen. Get in touch!

Cardboard Cyber-Gubbins

Make Where You Are // Bring With You

The cyber cardboard nonsense across the site will look even better with more detail and depth - think the surface of the Death Star, or the buildings in Bladerunner. If you can make some cardboard “CYBER” elements, they’ll be hugely welcome additions to any cardboard installation on site. We'll try and put up some examples and guidelines soon, but if you've got any questions drop an email.

Cardboard Space Programme

Make Where You Are // Bring With You

Let’s have a Kerbal-style cardboard space programme in the space-themed lounge! Something to sit in and make space noises. Shoot for the imaginary stars! Save those big appliance boxes, and create modules for a space station, ship or lander. Wheels? Fins? Wings? Landing gear? Boosters? If it lights up or beeps, even better.

Prep Volunteers

Remote Or London // July And August

If you’re up for helping in the lead-up to EMF, please drop a line to the decoration team. It’s likely we’ll have work parties in the Limehouse Town Hall or in Battersea, where we’ll be creating things like CyberBunting, flags, cardboard monoliths and signs. So many signs. If you’re interested please drop us a line and we’ll put word out when each volunteering opportunity arises.

On Site Setup Volunteers

EMFCamp Site, From Tuesday 28th August

Turn up with a willing hand and I’ll put you to work! We need people to help with making, assembling and deploying all of our awesome creations. You might be wielding a hot glue gun or a pen, wrestling cardboard creations or stringing bunting - there'll be plenty of crafting and creation to go around, whatever your skill level. Drop us an email!

Bright Ideas

If the idea of a CYBOARD festival excited you and you've got a great idea we'd love to hear from you. There's a form for submitting ideas ( or talk to us to figure out how we can make it happen.