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Making sure the site looks awesome, day and night!
Lead(s) Morag
This team needs volunteers
Contact [email address removed]

Sketch showing a sign and minimap by day
Sketch showing a sign and minimap by night
Prototype CyberBunting!
Basic test sign and CyberGubbins sample

We have a theme for this year’s site decorations - transparent, glowing black/white cyberpunk!

Team members

JasperWallaceJasper Wallace24 August 2018 12:00:006 September 2018 12:00:00

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Help Wanted

Cardboard Space Programme

Make Where You Are // Bring With You

Let’s have a Kerbal-style cardboard space programme in the space-themed lounge! Something to sit in and make space noises. Shoot for the imaginary stars! Wheels? Fins? Wings? Landing gear? Boosters? If it lights up or beeps, even better. Save those big appliance boxes or other cardboard gubbins, bring them to the Lounge tent when you arrive, and work with others to create modules for a space station, ship or lander.

On Site Setup Volunteers

EMFCamp Site, From Tuesday 28th August

THIS TEAM IS NOW FULL - unless your assistance has been approved by the Deco or Volunteer team, please do not arrive at site before it opens at 4pm on Thursday. If there's still last minute work to be done at that point, we'll make it known via Volunteering.