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The Hacking Hamlet

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Description It's too small to be a village, so it's a hamlet where we'll be building, tinkering and wiring stuff up.
Contact User:markp
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Activities Hacking, Eating, Drinking, Drinking.
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Andrew Thu Aug 4 19:00 Mon Aug 8 11:45 Lots of stuff! I don't have a van but I have a flagpole and lots of LEDs!
Mark A van
MatStace Fri Aug 5 12:00 Mon Aug 8 11:00 More than I did in 2014 ;-) Will no doubt include arduinos, raspberry pi bits, esp2866 things, LEDs, ham radio things
RNAlexander Stuff for running my cocktail class, not sure what else.
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The Hacking Hamlet

It's too small to be a village, so it's a hamlet. There will be LEDs, LEDs and more LEDs. Whether or not the flag pole is a breathalyser this year, only time will tell...but it will be huge!

Cooking up wood-fired pizzas throughout the weekend. Nom Nom!

Our planned schedule of events: iCal html