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Specific Duties

  • Act as attendee's 'first contact' with camp
  • Get people to the camp safely and pleasantly
  • Give basic info for signing in etc
  • Common duties


  • Must have one or more of (a) PSV licence, (b) MIDAS certification, (c) full class D - which is basically over-45s (iirc) - licences/certs don't need to be current: but they are the easiest way to

ensure experience.

  • No more than three points on driving licence; any drink- or drug- related conviction will negate the possibility of driving for us.
  • Originals of driving licence (both parts) and any licence/certificate will need to be seen in advance of the event and copies retained.
  • Drivers are responsible for any traffic or parking violations - a signed acknowledging this will be kept by the EMFcamp team.
  • Drivers must not drink any alcohol during any session they are driving, nor within six hours of the start of any session. If the traffic team leader considers there is doubt on this the volunteer will be banned from driving during the event and may be required to compensate for having to find a replacement for them. I know this sounds party-pooping, but this is on safety grounds more than insurance: we don't want any uncontrolled risks.


  • On the Friday and Saturday The shuttle will be between the site and Milton Keynes Coachway (off-site cars, long-distance coaches, buses from trains). On the Sunday and Monday it will be to both Coachway and the main Milton Keynes station. A timetable will be published by early August.
  • Recommended routes will be affixed to the dashboard in the minibus, with alternatives for traffic levels.
  • Expected number of people in each load?
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