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Google group (for organisation & mass mailing etc.)


  • Organising Radios
  • Making sure that all shifts are filled
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Ensuring volunteer welfare (tea/coffee/food etc)
  • Organising the rota
  • Making sure each team has the required number of volunteers
  • Matching volunteers to teams (where needed)
  • Running infodesk?
  • Running security?
  • Running first aid?


Recently, it has been thought that tabards people can keep are perhaps a bad use of the money. A better plan would be:

  • Work out the maximum people on shift at any one time (program can do this) - its around 20
  • Order a little over that many (£228.00 for 40 printed in Red)
  • funnel the rest of the money into food

Overall, the optimum number of shifts is 440. Assume people get a fiver for 2 shifts, that comes to 1100 pounds. Its close to the limit but thats overkill

  • We need a budget for an Urn, coffee and tea making facilities. Easier to buy and sell back.
  • If we have leftover money, getting t-shirts printed would be quite a nice perk. Turnaround for that is a week. Maybe best to wait on that. - ticketing and armbands?

  • Probably a bad idea, they only release funds after the event (from seller T&Cs, 15.a): -- SamLR via ms7821 on IRC
Generally, Brown Paper Tickets will mail a check/cheque payment, via USPS in the U.S. or Canada, to Producer within ten (10) business days after the event end date.

It has been suggested that lockers be provided for gear for volunteers on shift at their tent. As they'll be out and about, they cant look after their gear so lockers should probably be provided. This site suggests £65 for a 4 door locker, it doesn't say for how long though. See also docklands and the hire business (who specifically say they'll rent to festivals).


  • It would be ideal for volunteers to be rotated around duties if possible. Such roles would likely be Gate, Roaming Security, Infodesk, Fire safety compliance
    • SamLR: When I've done events we'd have a list of duties that needed fulfilling and rotate between them in an ad-hoc manner throughout the shift.
  • All volunteers would require a briefing regarding the acceptable policies, anti-harassment, what to do in the event of breaches etc
  • All volunteers need to be briefed on fire safety regulations to ensure compliance and watch out for potential accidents (carbon monoxide from cooking in tents for example)
    • SamLR: Policy briefings (both fire and general) can be should be added to info packs and repeated verbally
  • Radios needed for roaming teams
  • Tabards
  • Email / Phone / IRC or similar for access to a volunteer / steward
  • Access to the site on the *thursday* for setup, briefing and similar?
    • SamLR: A site walk for all volunteers should be part of the briefing, ensure that people know where everything is, what each area is called and any specific things to note in each.
  • Publishing a mobile phone number for volunteer management / responsible person for one-to-ones or similar - to go in the booklet?
  • Marshalling for traffic and parking - safety concerns and numbers
  • Rota ideas - see below



I propose custom high-vis waistcoats as they are highly visible, able to go over any clothing (night shifts, rain) and if they are emblazoned with the logo, they make a good souvenir for a volunteer to keep.



CCC have angels. Defcon have goons. What name should we have? Sounds trivial but its a way of saying that volunteers are appreciated.

  • SamLR: Trolls?
  • "Mice", after the mice in Bagpuss they have a chocolate biscuit factory... --JasperWallace 19:53, 28 May 2012 (UTC)


Given that we cannot reimburse volunteers, there is a potential issue of covering all the slots with committed volunteers. The precedent appears to be CCC's Angel system with a back-stage like area and caring for the needs of the volunteers through providing food, drink, sofa's etc. It is expected that, for this first camp, volunteers will be well motivated and that some people will prefer night shifts to day ones. However some shifts are likely to be less attractive than others. Ideas proposed are:

  • Assign people to shifts as fairly as possible
  • Allow volunteers to select a preference with no guarantees
  • Insist that *all* volunteers do a minimum number of shifts / hours
  • Make night/unpopular shifts shorter to rotate more people through / make them more attractive
  • Allow volunteers to choose on a first come, first served basis.

Is it worth creating a system to allow volunteers to swap shifts between themselves? Should there be a maximum number of shifts (/day?) i.e. we don't want someone attempting to do 24 hours straight.

Another precedent is Oxfam stewarding who insist that stewards do 3 shifts, one of which is classed as a busy shift. is the CCC software system for organising this. Do we have a contact? Should we make our own? HAR's version of the above



CCC Precedent is to provide tea / coffee at the volunteers area

Oxfam food precent is to provide tokens for the vendors. This avoids the issue of food safety essentially, though vendors need to agree to this. Liase with Vendor team.

An area set-aside for Volunteers could be an easy perk

Food has been discussed.

  • The tokens should be possible along with maybe a discount from the vendors
  • If tokens are not provided, sealed food should be provided - i.e sandwiches, noodles etc, sourced through the company from places like Makro or similar. This could be a cheaper and better option - think toasters and bread as well.

Briefings and Roles

Volunteers would need to be coordinated and the volunteer lead should liase with other teams should they need assistance:

Organiser responsibilties

Taken from The Good Practice Safety Guide from the Home Office:

  • There should be a single chain of command from the safety officer to the steward/marshal. If the police are to be given a role to direct stewards, it should either be through the safety officer, or in accordance with prior written agreement where the police can assume responsibility for certain functions under certain circumstances.
  • Organisers will be expected to provide enough stewards to cater for the size and nature of the event.
  • Staffing levels may differ if the event is staged inside or where children are involved

„* The findings of any risk assessment will have a bearing when deciding upon numbers of staff and maximum number of entrants.

  • Darkness, unsound surfaces, adverse weather, alcohol, or crucial times such as the start or finish of an event likely to attract large crowd surges, or the presence of vulnerable persons will require additional safety measures to reduce the risk of injury.

„* It is essential that organisers ensure that their marshals/stewards do not exceed their lawful powers and they know that they are not immune from prosecution for their actions. „* Stewards must be readily identifiable by the use of high visibility jackets, tabards or armbands.

OnSite recruitment

It has been noted that HAR and CCC do take volunteers on throughout the camp. Whilst I believe this to be potentially hazardous it may be a good idea to allow people to sign up if we find ourselves short handed.


During the camp

For now this is just an initial estimate of the number of volunteers we will need to manage the camp. We will update this as we learn more.

Common duties
Times Number of people per shift Number of 3 hour shifts Total shifts Notes
Stewards 00-24 2 26 52
Front gate 8-12 >1 13 13
HQ/Infodesk 9-21 >1 12 12
Stage/Tent helpers 9-21 >2 12 24 Workshop & A-tent, only when in use
Shuttle/Minibus driver 9-15 1 6 6 Needs driving license
Car Park attendants 8-8 >1 6 6
Bar work 11-11 >1 12 12

Note: further information on the duties of each job are linked in the job name.

Minimum of 131 3-hour shifts, assuming 3 shifts per volunteer this gives us ~44 volunteers needed

Set up/Tear down

Not including getting attendees in and out.

We have a page for people to list if they can make this, please fill it in.

Job When? How many shifts? How many people? Total people Notes
Litter picking End 1 Lots Everyone we can get Clear away what ever's left
Tent erection Wednesday 1 10-20 10-20 Able bodied, will take around 5-6 hours
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