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This is a list of things that pretty much anyone volunteering will have to carry out. Please add to it


Steward Policy

This needs to be refined but all stewards need to sign up to a policy. This is not limited to but includes:

Steward Responsibilities

  • To understand their general responsibilities towards the health and safety of all categories of spectator
  • To carry out pre event safety checks
  • To control or direct spectators who are entering or leaving the event, or a viewing area
  • To assist in the safe operation of the event, and not to view the activity going on
  • To recognise crowd conditions so as to ensure the safe dispersal of spectators and the prevention of over-crowding
  • To assist the emergency services as required
  • To respond to emergencies
  • To undertake specific duties in an emergency or as directed by the safety officer or appropriate emergency service officer

Common Duties

Things that are common to pretty much every roll at the camp:

  • Emergency contact
    • Getting hold of security/first aid
    • Acting as a liaison in case of large scale incident
  • Giving directions, mainly to
    • stages
    • infodesk/HQ
    • villages
  • Giving information about what's on
  • Litter

Common Briefing

  • Emergency policies
  • Dealing with:
    • Harassment
    • Conflicts
    • lost children?
    • Basic first aid?
      • Dehydration
      • Heat stroke
      • Hypothermia (ah, Britain!)
      • Burns
      • Electrical shock
      • Drunks
  • Site walk
    • Landmarks and what they are
  • The program (current events as an announce via radio/PR?)
  • Litter

Specific Duties

can be found on the associated page:

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