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The Sneakernet logo, featuring a sneaker shoe with laces forming a postmark wave.

The Sneakernet is the site's postal system, which allows you to send postcards within and beyond the Electromagnetic Field site.

Any problems? Call POST (7678) from a phone or visit the Info Tent.

Volunteers wanted for delivery runs, visit the Info Tent and pick from the outbox!

Sending a postcard via the Sneakernet

Mailboxes around the site will have a box containing postcards. Alternatively, pick up a postcard from the Sneakernet desk in the Info Tent.

Clearly address your postcard with who/where you would like it delivered to. If you know their DECT number, village, etc, please include it!

Drop your postcard in one of the mailboxes around the site. Collections should occur every two hours during Info Tent opening hours (except the postbox outside Null Sector, which has been determined to be low traffic and will be collected at least once per night plus whenever we end up down there).

Postcards can be addressed to a future Electromagnetic Field or other hacker events within the Chaos Post network, including from MCH2022 onwards.

If you wish to send a postcard into the default world via Royal Mail, include a clear address, attach the correct postage, and it will be taken to a Post Office at the end of the event. Stamps can be purchased from the shop.

Delivering for the Sneakernet

If you want to try delivering a couple of postcards, head to the Information Desk and grab a couple of postcards from the outbox. From there, walk around the camp to deliver them!

Can't find the person or place? Not a problem, return the postcard to the undelivered box. If you're up for a challenge, try to deliver postcards from that box.

Sneakernet facts

  • Postboxes: 5
  • Postcards delivered on-site: ~205 (Many more taken!)
  • Postcards delivered to a bin: 0 (Better than Hermes and Yo(lo)del!)
  • Postcards to the default world: 45
  • Postcards to EMF 2024: 6
  • Postcards to MCH: 1
  • Postcards to Burning Man: 1
  • Postcards to the ducks: 2
  • Most popular destinations: Scottish Consulate, Moose,, Maths Tent, EMF-IX, HQ
  • Combined distance walked by core Sneakernet team: >80km
  • Unique noughts and crosses games seen: 2
  • Postcards with Jonty's face delivered: 2

Ideas for what to send

  • A thank you to a volunteer.
  • A thank you to the organisers.
  • A thank you to a speaker.
  • A note to a friend.
  • A love letter to an enemy.
  • A warning to your future self.
  • The entire script of The Bee Movie (good luck!).


  • All postcards sent at your own risk.
  • We are not responsible for loss and/or damage.
  • Message confidentiality is not guaranteed.
  • Messages will not be screened, but must follow the Code of Conduct.
  • Anything that is not a postcard may not be accepted.